1. Indian Ocean (Place)

ocean between Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antartica

2. Turkey (Place)

country spanning Southeastern Europe and Western Asia

3. Smolensk (Place)

city in the west of European Russia

4. Larnaca (Place)

city on the southern coast of Cyprus

5. Cape Town (South Africa) (Place)

city in the Western Cape, South Africa

6. Timbuktu (Mali) (Place)

city in Mali

7. Danube (Place)

river in Central Europe

8. New York (Place)

state of the United States of America

9. Chiang Mai (Thailand) (Place)

city in Chiang Mai province, Thailand

10. Haiti (Place)

country in the Caribbean

11. Aswan (Egypt) (Place)

Egyptian city

12. Argentina (Place)

federal republic in South America

13. Sudan (Place)

country in Africa

14. Fiji (Place)

country in Oceania

15. Comoros (Place)

sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean

16. Pompeii (Place)

ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples, Italy

17. Ho Chi Minh City (Place)

largest city in Vietnam

18. Philippines (Place)

republic in Southeast Asia

19. Adriatic Sea (Place)

body of water

20. Atlanta (Ga) (Place)

capital city of state of Georgia, United States; county seat of Fulton County, Georgia

21. Afghanistan (Place)

republic in South Asia

22. West Bank (Place)

part of the Palestinian territories near the Mediterranean coast of Western Asia

23. Ryazanskaya Oblast’ (Place)

24. Mamatovskiy (Place)

25. South Beach (Miami Beach, Fla) (Place)

neighborhood in Miami Beach, Florida, United States

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Property Value
Pompeii (Place)
Universal identifier /4cdb87dccab24a4ca21aceb2ce4170a4#id
rdfs:comment ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples, Italy[en]
rdfs:comment Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples, in the Campania region of Italy, in the territory of the comune of Pompei. Pompeii, along with Herculaneum and many villas in the surrounding area, was mostly destroyed and buried under 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) of volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Researchers believe that the town was founded in the seventh or sixth century BC by the Osci or Oscans. It came under the domination of Rome in the 4th century BC, and was conquered and became a Roman colony in 80 BC after it joined an unsuccessful rebellion against the Roman Republic. By the time of its destruction, 160 years later, its population was...
rdfs:label Pompei[nap]
rdfs:label 庞培城[zh]
rdfs:label Pompeii[vi]
rdfs:label Pompeji[sv]
rdfs:label Pompeii[su]
rdfs:label Pompeji[sl]
rdfs:label Pompeje[sk]
rdfs:label Помпеи[ru]
rdfs:label Pompei[ro]
rdfs:label Pompéia[pt]
rdfs:label Pompeje[pl]
rdfs:label Pompeii[no]
rdfs:label Pompeii[nn]
rdfs:label Pompeii[nl]
rdfs:label Pompeji[lv]
rdfs:label Pompėja[lt]
rdfs:label Pompeji[lb]
rdfs:label Pompeii[la]
rdfs:label ポンペイ[ja]
rdfs:label Scavi archeologici di Pompei[it]
rdfs:label Pompei[is]
rdfs:label Pompeii[id]
rdfs:label Pompeji[hr]
rdfs:label पोम्पेइ[hi]
rdfs:label פומפיי[he]
rdfs:label Pompeia[gl]
rdfs:label Pompéi[fr]
rdfs:label Pompeji[fi]
rdfs:label Pompei[et]
rdfs:label Pompeya[es]
rdfs:label Pompejo[eo]
rdfs:label Pompeii[en]
rdfs:label Pompeji[de]
rdfs:label Pompeji[da]
rdfs:label Pompeje[cs]
rdfs:label Помпей[bg]
rdfs:label بومبي[ar]
rdfs:label Pompeii
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type skos:Concept
Result #17
Universal identifier /places.html#0920d6e3e89f4454b18cc74ed9899c09
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #17[en-gb]
olo:index 17” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /0920d6e3e89f4454b18cc74ed9899c09#id
Philippines (Place)
Universal identifier /189c13493d7940279483a04f94d07b7e#id
rdfs:comment republic in Southeast Asia[en]
rdfs:label Pilipinas[war]
rdfs:label Filipinas[pam]
rdfs:label Philippinen[nds]
rdfs:label Filipinas[ilo]
rdfs:label Philippiny[hsb]
rdfs:label Felipines[frp]
rdfs:label Pilipinas[ceb]
rdfs:label Filipines[ast]
rdfs:label 菲律宾[zh]
rdfs:label פיליפינען[yi]
rdfs:label Filipuäns[vo]
rdfs:label Phi-líp-pin (Phi Luật Tân)[vi]
rdfs:label فلپائن[ur]
rdfs:label Філіпіни[uk]
rdfs:label فىلىپپىن تاقىم ئاراللىرى[ug]
rdfs:label Filipinler[tr]
rdfs:label Pilipinas[tl]
rdfs:label ประเทศฟิลิปปินส์[th]
rdfs:label பிலிப்பைன்ஸ்[ta]
rdfs:label Filipino[sw]
rdfs:label Filippinerna[sv]
rdfs:label Филипини[sr]
rdfs:label Filipinet[sq]
rdfs:label Filibiin[so]
rdfs:label Filipaina[sm]
rdfs:label Filipini[sl]
rdfs:label Filipíny[sk]
rdfs:label Filipini[sh]
rdfs:label Filippinene[se]
rdfs:label Филиппины[ru]
rdfs:label Filipine[ro]
rdfs:label Filipinas[pt]
rdfs:label Filipiny[pl]
rdfs:label Filipinas[oc]
rdfs:label Filippinene[no]
rdfs:label Filippinene[nn]
rdfs:label Filipijnen[nl]
rdfs:label Filippinene[nb]
rdfs:label Filippini[mt]
rdfs:label Filipina[ms]
rdfs:label फिलिपाईन्स[mr]
rdfs:label ഫിലിപ്പൈന്‍സ്[ml]
rdfs:label Филипини[mk]
rdfs:label Filipīnas[lv]
rdfs:label Filipinai[lt]
rdfs:label ຟິລິປິນ[lo]
rdfs:label Filipiene[li]
rdfs:label Philippinen[lb]
rdfs:label Philippinae[la]
rdfs:label Filipinys[kw]
rdfs:label Filîpîn[ku]
rdfs:label 필리핀[ko]
rdfs:label ಫಿಲಿಪ್ಪೀನ್ಸ್[kn]
rdfs:label ហ្វ៉ីលីពីន[km]
rdfs:label ფილიპინები[ka]
rdfs:label フィリピン[ja]
rdfs:label Filippine[it]
rdfs:label Filippseyjar[is]
rdfs:label Filipini[io]
rdfs:label Filipina[id]
rdfs:label Philippinas[ia]
rdfs:label Ֆիլիպիններ[hy]
rdfs:label Fülöp-szigetek[hu]
rdfs:label Filipin[ht]
rdfs:label Filipini[hr]
rdfs:label फिलीपिंस[hi]
rdfs:label הפיליפינים[he]
rdfs:label Filipinas - Pilipinas[gl]
rdfs:label Na hOileáin Fhilipíneacha[ga]
rdfs:label Filipinen[fy]
rdfs:label Philippines[fr]
rdfs:label Filipsoyggjar[fo]
rdfs:label Filippiinit[fi]
rdfs:label فیلیپین[fa]
rdfs:label Filipinak[eu]
rdfs:label Filipiinid[et]
rdfs:label Filipinas[es]
rdfs:label Filipinoj[eo]
rdfs:label Philippines[en]
rdfs:label Φιλιππίνες[el]
rdfs:label Philippinen[de]
rdfs:label Filippinerne[da]
rdfs:label Pilipinas[cy]
rdfs:label Filipíny[cs]
rdfs:label Filipines[ca]
rdfs:label Filipini[bs]
rdfs:label Filipinez[br]
rdfs:label ཕི་ལི་པིནས྄།[bo]
rdfs:label ফিলিপাইন[bn]
rdfs:label Филипини[bg]
rdfs:label Філіпіны[be]
rdfs:label الفيلبين[ar]
rdfs:label Filipinas[an]
rdfs:label ፊሊፒንስ[am]
rdfs:label Filippyne[af]
rdfs:label Philippines
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
Result #11
Universal identifier /places.html#2dd07e42f9ad40728419a026f803f2f0
rdfs:label Result #11[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
olo:item /2dd07e42f9ad40728419a026f803f2f0#id
olo:index 11” (xsd:integer)
Comoros (Place)
Universal identifier /cdf90a5ac15a4b4a8499a9271e364238#id
rdfs:comment sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean[en]
rdfs:comment The Comoros, officially the Union of the Comoros (Comorian: Udzima wa Komori, French: Union des Comores, Arabic: الاتحاد القمري‎‎ al-Ittiḥād al-Qumurī / Qamarī), is a sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel off the eastern coast of Africa between northeastern Mozambique and northwestern Madagascar. Other countries near the Comoros are Tanzania to the northwest and the Seychelles to the northeast. Its capital is Moroni, on Grande Comore. The Union of the Comoros has three official languages – Comorian, Arabic and French. The religion of the majority of the population is Islam.
rdfs:label Comoros[pam]
rdfs:label Komoren[nds]
rdfs:label Xunión de les Comores[ast]
rdfs:label 葛摩[zh]
rdfs:label Komoruäns[vo]
rdfs:label Comores[vi]
rdfs:label کوموروس[ur]
rdfs:label Коморські острови[uk]
rdfs:label كومورو[ug]
rdfs:label Komorlar[tr]
rdfs:label Comoros[tl]
rdfs:label คอโมโรส[th]
rdfs:label Ҷазираҳои Комор[tg]
rdfs:label கோமரோஸ்[ta]
rdfs:label Komoro[sw]
rdfs:label Komorerna[sv]
rdfs:label Комори[sr]
rdfs:label Komoros[sq]
rdfs:label Komori[sl]
rdfs:label Komory[sk]
rdfs:label Komorosullot[se]
rdfs:label कोमोरोस[sa]
rdfs:label Коморские Острова[ru]
rdfs:label Comore[ro]
rdfs:label Ilhas Comores[pt]
rdfs:label کوموروس[ps]
rdfs:label Komory[pl]
rdfs:label Comòras[oc]
rdfs:label Komorene[no]
rdfs:label Komorane[nn]
rdfs:label Comoren[nl]
rdfs:label Komorene[nb]
rdfs:label Comoros[na]
rdfs:label Komoros[mt]
rdfs:label Comoros[ms]
rdfs:label कोमोरोस[mr]
rdfs:label Коморос[mk]
rdfs:label Komoru salas[lv]
rdfs:label Komorai[lt]
rdfs:label ໂຄໂມຣອດ[lo]
rdfs:label Comore[li]
rdfs:label Insulae Comorianae[la]
rdfs:label Komorys[kw]
rdfs:label 코모르[ko]
rdfs:label កុំម៉ូរ៉ូស[km]
rdfs:label კომორის კუნძულები[ka]
rdfs:label コモロ・イスラム連邦共和国[ja]
rdfs:label Comore[it]
rdfs:label Comoros[is]
rdfs:label Komori[io]
rdfs:label Komoros[id]
rdfs:label Comoras[ia]
rdfs:label Կոմորոս[hy]
rdfs:label Comor-szigetek[hu]
rdfs:label Komori[hr]
rdfs:label कोमोरोस[hi]
rdfs:label קומורוס[he]
rdfs:label Comoros[gl]
rdfs:label Oileáin Chomóra[ga]
rdfs:label Comores (Archipel)[fr]
rdfs:label Komorooyggjarnar[fo]
rdfs:label Komorit[fi]
rdfs:label کومورو[fa]
rdfs:label Komoreak[eu]
rdfs:label Komoorid[et]
rdfs:label Comoras[es]
rdfs:label Komoroj[eo]
rdfs:label Comoros[en]
rdfs:label Κομόρες[el]
rdfs:label Komoren[de]
rdfs:label Comorerne[da]
rdfs:label Comoros[cy]
rdfs:label Komory[cs]
rdfs:label Comores[ca]
rdfs:label Komori[bs]
rdfs:label কোমোরোস[bn]
rdfs:label Коморски острови[bg]
rdfs:label Каморскія Астравы[be]
rdfs:label Al Qumur[ar]
rdfs:label Comoras[an]
rdfs:label ኮሞሮስ[am]
rdfs:label Comore-eilande[af]
rdfs:label Comoros
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
Turkey (Place)
Universal identifier /0a25bae7b94b47f6833a8f10b3d6000e#id
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:label Turkey[sco]
rdfs:label Turchìa[scn]
rdfs:label Turkiya[rmy]
rdfs:label Welschhinkel[pdc]
rdfs:label Turkey[pam]
rdfs:label Turtchie[nrm]
rdfs:label Törkie[nds]
rdfs:label Turchia[nap]
rdfs:label Turkowska[hsb]
rdfs:label Tırkiya[diq]
rdfs:label Turquía[ast]
rdfs:label ܬܘܪܟܝܐ[arc]
rdfs:label 土耳其[zh]
rdfs:label טערקיי[yi]
rdfs:label Türkän[vo]
rdfs:label Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ[vi]
rdfs:label Turkiya[uz]
rdfs:label ترکی[ur]
rdfs:label Туреччина[uk]
rdfs:label تۇركىيە[ug]
rdfs:label Törkiä[tt]
rdfs:label Türkiye[tr]
rdfs:label Toake[to]
rdfs:label Turkiya[tl]
rdfs:label Türkiýe Jumhuriyäti[tk]
rdfs:label ตุรกี[th]
rdfs:label துருக்கி[ta]
rdfs:label Uturuki[sw]
rdfs:label Turkiet[sv]
rdfs:label Турска[sr]
rdfs:label Turqia[sq]
rdfs:label Turkki[so]
rdfs:label Turčija[sl]
rdfs:label Turecko[sk]
rdfs:label Turska[sh]
rdfs:label Durka[se]
rdfs:label तुर्किये[sa]
rdfs:label Турция[ru]
rdfs:label Turcia[ro]
rdfs:label Turkya[qu]
rdfs:label Turquia[pt]
rdfs:label Turcja[pl]
rdfs:label Турк[os]
rdfs:label Turquia[oc]
rdfs:label Tyrkia[no]
rdfs:label Tyrkia[nn]
rdfs:label Turkije[nl]
rdfs:label Tyrkia[nb]
rdfs:label Turkija[mt]
rdfs:label Turki[ms]
rdfs:label തുര്‍ക്കി[ml]
rdfs:label Турција[mk]
rdfs:label Turcija[lv]
rdfs:label Turkija[lt]
rdfs:label ຕຸນກີ[lo]
rdfs:label Turkije[li]
rdfs:label Tierkei[lb]
rdfs:label Turcia[la]
rdfs:label Turki[kw]
rdfs:label Tirkiye[ku]
rdfs:label तुर्किये[ks]
rdfs:label 터키[ko]
rdfs:label ತುರ್ಕಿ[kn]
rdfs:label ទួរគី[km]
rdfs:label Tyrk Nunaat[kl]
rdfs:label Түркия[kk]
rdfs:label თურქეთი[ka]
rdfs:label トルコ[ja]
rdfs:label Turchia[it]
rdfs:label Tyrkland[is]
rdfs:label Turkia[io]
rdfs:label Turkey[id]
rdfs:label Turchia[ia]
rdfs:label Թուրքիա[hy]
rdfs:label Törökország[hu]
rdfs:label Turska[hr]
rdfs:label तुर्की[hi]
rdfs:label טורקיה[he]
rdfs:label તુર્કસ્તાન[gu]
rdfs:label Turquía - Türkiye[gl]
rdfs:label An Tuirc[gd]
rdfs:label An Tuirc[ga]
rdfs:label Turkije[fy]
rdfs:label Turquie[fr]
rdfs:label Turkaland[fo]
rdfs:label Turkki[fi]
rdfs:label ترکیه[fa]
rdfs:label Turkia[eu]
rdfs:label Türgi[et]
rdfs:label Turquía[es]
rdfs:label Turkujo[eo]
rdfs:label Turkey[en]
rdfs:label Τουρκία[el]
rdfs:label Türkei[de]
rdfs:label Tyrkiet[da]
rdfs:label Twrci[cy]
rdfs:label Турци[cv]
rdfs:label Turecko[cs]
rdfs:label Turquia[ca]
rdfs:label Turska[bs]
rdfs:label Turkia[br]
rdfs:label ཏུརཀི།[bo]
rdfs:label তুরস্ক[bn]
rdfs:label Турция[bg]
rdfs:label Турцыя[be]
rdfs:label Türkiyə Respublikası[az]
rdfs:label تركيا[ar]
rdfs:label Turquía[an]
rdfs:label ቱርክ[am]
rdfs:label Turkye[af]
rdfs:label Turkey
rdfs:comment country spanning Southeastern Europe and Western Asia[en]
Timbuktu (Mali) (Place)
Universal identifier /0c0e4d0b410e459aad6f49a6a7d6a2fa#id
rdfs:comment city in Mali[en]
rdfs:comment Timbuktu, also spelled as Tinbuktu, Timbuctoo and Timbuktoo (Berber: ⵜⵉⵏⴱⵓⴽⵜⵓ;French: Tombouctou; Koyra Chiini: Tumbutu), is a historical and still-inhabited city in the West African nation of Mali, situated 20 km (12 mi) north of the River Niger on the southern edge of the Sahara. The town is the capital of the Timbuktu Region, one of the eight administrative regions of Mali. It had a population of 54,453 in the 2009 census. Starting out as a seasonal settlement, Timbuktu became a permanent settlement early in the 12th century. After a shift in trading routes, Timbuktu flourished from the trade in salt, gold, ivory and slaves. It became part of the Mali Empire early in the 14th century...
rdfs:label Timbuktu[nds]
rdfs:label 廷巴克图[zh]
rdfs:label Тімбукту[uk]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[sw]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[sv]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[sk]
rdfs:label Тимбукту[ru]
rdfs:label Tombouctou[ro]
rdfs:label Timbouctou[pt]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[pl]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[no]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[nn]
rdfs:label Timboektoe[nl]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[lt]
rdfs:label トンブクトゥ[ja]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[it]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[id]
rdfs:label טימבוקטו[he]
rdfs:label Tombouctou[fr]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[fi]
rdfs:label تیمبوکتو[fa]
rdfs:label Tombuctú[es]
rdfs:label Timbuktu (Mali)[en]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[de]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[cs]
rdfs:label Timbuctú[ca]
rdfs:label Timbuktu[bm]
rdfs:label Тимбукту[bg]
rdfs:label مدينة تمبكتو[ar]
rdfs:label Timbuktú[an]
rdfs:label Timbuktu
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
Result #15
Universal identifier /places.html#cdf90a5ac15a4b4a8499a9271e364238
olo:item /cdf90a5ac15a4b4a8499a9271e364238#id
rdfs:label Result #15[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
olo:index 15” (xsd:integer)
Haiti (Place)
Universal identifier /b925c5a5dc254fb6b06ffd0e5ffcff09#id
rdfs:comment country in the Caribbean[en]
rdfs:comment Haiti, officially the Republic of Haiti (French: République d'Haïti; Haitian Creole: Repiblik Ayiti), is a country located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea. It occupies the western three-eighths of the island, which it shares with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is 27,750 square kilometres (10,714 sq mi) in size and has an estimated 10.6 million people, making it the most populous country in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the second-most populous country in the Caribbean as a whole.
rdfs:label Aiti[scn]
rdfs:label Haiti[pms]
rdfs:label Haiti[pam]
rdfs:label Haiti[nds]
rdfs:label Hayiti[frp]
rdfs:label 海地[zh]
rdfs:label Aayti[wo]
rdfs:label Haitiyän[vo]
rdfs:label Ha-i-ti (Haiti)[vi]
rdfs:label ہائٹی[ur]
rdfs:label Гаїті[uk]
rdfs:label ھايتى[ug]
rdfs:label Haiti[tt]
rdfs:label Haiti[tr]
rdfs:label Haïti[tl]
rdfs:label ไฮติ[th]
rdfs:label ஹெய்தி[ta]
rdfs:label Haiti[sw]
rdfs:label Haiti[sv]
rdfs:label Хаити[sr]
rdfs:label Haiti[sq]
rdfs:label Haiti[sl]
rdfs:label Haiti[sk]
rdfs:label Haiti[sh]
rdfs:label Haiti[se]
rdfs:label हेटी[sa]
rdfs:label Гаити[ru]
rdfs:label Haiti[ro]
rdfs:label Haiti[pt]
rdfs:label هېياتي[ps]
rdfs:label Haiti[pl]
rdfs:label Haití[oc]
rdfs:label Haiti[no]
rdfs:label Haiti[nn]
rdfs:label Haïti[nl]
rdfs:label Haiti[nb]
rdfs:label Haiti[na]
rdfs:label Ħaiti[mt]
rdfs:label Haiti[ms]
rdfs:label हैती[mr]
rdfs:label ഹൈയ്തി[ml]
rdfs:label Хаити[mk]
rdfs:label Haiti[lv]
rdfs:label Haitis[lt]
rdfs:label ໄອທີ[lo]
rdfs:label Haitia[la]
rdfs:label Hayti[kw]
rdfs:label 하이티[ko]
rdfs:label ហៃទី[km]
rdfs:label Ayiti[kg]
rdfs:label ჰაიტი[ka]
rdfs:label ハイチ[ja]
rdfs:label Haiti[it]
rdfs:label Haítí[is]
rdfs:label Haiti[io]
rdfs:label Haiti[id]
rdfs:label Haiti[ia]
rdfs:label Հաիթի[hy]
rdfs:label Haiti[hu]
rdfs:label Ayiti[ht]
rdfs:label Haiti[hr]
rdfs:label हाइती[hi]
rdfs:label האיטי[he]
rdfs:label Haití[gl]
rdfs:label Háití[ga]
rdfs:label République d’Haïti[fr]
rdfs:label Haiti[fi]
rdfs:label هاییتی[fa]
rdfs:label Haiti[eu]
rdfs:label Haiiti[et]
rdfs:label Haití[es]
rdfs:label Haitio[eo]
rdfs:label Haiti[en]
rdfs:label Αϊτή[el]
rdfs:label Haiti[de]
rdfs:label Haiti[da]
rdfs:label Haiti[cy]
rdfs:label Haiti[cs]
rdfs:label Haití[ca]
rdfs:label Haiti[bs]
rdfs:label Republik Haiti[br]
rdfs:label ཧེ་ཏི།[bo]
rdfs:label হাইতি[bn]
rdfs:label Хаити[bg]
rdfs:label Гаіці[be]
rdfs:label هايتي[ar]
rdfs:label Aití[an]
rdfs:label ሀይቲ[am]
rdfs:label Haïti[af]
rdfs:label Haiti
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
Argentina (Place)
Universal identifier /f3d7756abaea4f17babe3919986144c9#id
rdfs:comment federal republic in South America[en]
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdfs:label Arjentina[tet]
rdfs:label Argintina[scn]
rdfs:label Argentin-a[pms]
rdfs:label Artschenti[pdc]
rdfs:label Argentina[pam]
rdfs:label Argentina[nov]
rdfs:label Argentinien[nds]
rdfs:label Arxentitlān[nah]
rdfs:label Argentina[lad]
rdfs:label getygu'e[jbo]
rdfs:label Argentina[ilo]
rdfs:label Argjentine[fur]
rdfs:label Argentena[frp]
rdfs:label Arxentina[ast]
rdfs:label 阿根廷[zh]
rdfs:label ארגענטינע[yi]
rdfs:label Largäntän[vo]
rdfs:label Ác-hen-ti-na[vi]
rdfs:label ارجنٹینا[ur]
rdfs:label Аргентина[uk]
rdfs:label ئارگېنتىنا[ug]
rdfs:label Arjantin[tr]
rdfs:label Arhentina[tl]
rdfs:label อาร์เจนตินา[th]
rdfs:label அர்ஜெண்டினா[ta]
rdfs:label Argentina[sw]
rdfs:label Argentina[sv]
rdfs:label Аргентина[sr]
rdfs:label Argjentinë[sq]
rdfs:label Argentina[sl]
rdfs:label Argentína[sk]
rdfs:label Argentina[se]
rdfs:label अर्जन्टीना[sa]
rdfs:label Аргентина[ru]
rdfs:label Argentina[ro]
rdfs:label Argentina[rm]
rdfs:label Arhintina[qu]
rdfs:label Argentina[pt]
rdfs:label ارجنټاين[ps]
rdfs:label Argentyna[pl]
rdfs:label Argentina[oc]
rdfs:label Argentina[no]
rdfs:label Argentina[nn]
rdfs:label Argentinië[nl]
rdfs:label Argentina[nb]
rdfs:label Argentina[na]
rdfs:label Arġentina[mt]
rdfs:label Argentina[ms]
rdfs:label അര്‍ജന്റീന[ml]
rdfs:label Аргентина[mk]
rdfs:label Argentīna[lv]
rdfs:label Argentina[lt]
rdfs:label ອາເຈນຕິນາ່[lo]
rdfs:label Argentinië[li]
rdfs:label Argentinien[lb]
rdfs:label Argentina[la]
rdfs:label Arghantina[kw]
rdfs:label Arjantîn[ku]
rdfs:label 아르헨티나[ko]
rdfs:label ಅರ್ಜೆಂಟೀನ[kn]
rdfs:label អារហ្សង់ទីន[km]
rdfs:label არგენტინა[ka]
rdfs:label アルゼンチン[ja]
rdfs:label Argentina[it]
rdfs:label Argentína[is]
rdfs:label Arjentinia[io]
rdfs:label Argentina[id]
rdfs:label Argentina[ia]
rdfs:label Արգենտինա[hy]
rdfs:label Argentína[hu]
rdfs:label Ajantin[ht]
rdfs:label Argentina[hr]
rdfs:label अर्जेन्टीना[hi]
rdfs:label ארגנטינה[he]
rdfs:label Argentina[gn]
rdfs:label Arxentina[gl]
rdfs:label Argentina[gd]
rdfs:label An Airgintín[ga]
rdfs:label Argentine[fr]
rdfs:label Argentiina[fi]
rdfs:label آرژانتین[fa]
rdfs:label Argentina[eu]
rdfs:label Argentina[et]
rdfs:label República Argentina[es]
rdfs:label Argentino[eo]
rdfs:label Argentina[en]
rdfs:label Αργεντινή[el]
rdfs:label ཨར་ཇེན་ཊི་ན[dz]
rdfs:label Argentinien[de]
rdfs:label Argentina[da]
rdfs:label Yr Ariannin[cy]
rdfs:label Argentina[cs]
rdfs:label Argentina[ca]
rdfs:label Argentina[bs]
rdfs:label Arc'hantina[br]
rdfs:label ཨར་ཇེན་ཊི་ན།[bo]
rdfs:label আর্জেন্টিনা[bn]
rdfs:label Аржентина[bg]
rdfs:label Аргентына[be]
rdfs:label الارجنتين[ar]
rdfs:label Archentina[an]
rdfs:label አርጀንቲና[am]
rdfs:label Argentinië[af]
rdfs:label Argentina
Result #2
Universal identifier /places.html#0a25bae7b94b47f6833a8f10b3d6000e
olo:item /0a25bae7b94b47f6833a8f10b3d6000e#id
olo:index 2” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #2[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Ryazanskaya Oblast’ (Place)
Universal identifier /d7b3347f0cac494bbdcb1c76a0ae39f9#id
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdfs:label Rjazan[sv]
rdfs:label Рязанская Область[ru]
rdfs:label Rjazan[nn]
rdfs:label Rjazan[nb]
rdfs:label Ryazanskaya Oblast’
Result #5
Universal identifier /places.html#649b94f468364935a5a05619b593f634
olo:item /649b94f468364935a5a05619b593f634#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #5[en-gb]
olo:index 5” (xsd:integer)
Result #14
Universal identifier /places.html#9c0c06e97b9b4ee5b7b123978ba3b176
olo:index 14” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /9c0c06e97b9b4ee5b7b123978ba3b176#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #14[en-gb]
Mamatovskiy (Place)
Universal identifier /186dff5fa39641d298605ce930ebfbcb#id
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdfs:label Маматовский[ru]
rdfs:label Mamatovskiy
Smolensk (Place)
Universal identifier /0d6f97fef8be4f8395cacc76994077e7#id
rdfs:comment city in the west of European Russia[en]
rdfs:comment Smolensk is a city and the administrative center of Smolensk Oblast, Russia, located on the Dnieper River, 360 kilometers (220 mi) west-southwest of Moscow. Population: 326,861 (2010 Census); 325,137 (2002 Census); 341,483 (1989 Census). The walled city in the center of Smolensk (along with the outskirts) was destroyed several times throughout its long history because it was on the invasion routes of both Napoleon and Hitler. Today, Smolensk is noted for electronics, textiles, food processing, and diamond faceting.
rdfs:label სმოლენსკი[xmf]
rdfs:label Smoleńsk[szl]
rdfs:label Смоленскай[sah]
rdfs:label Смоленьск[rue]
rdfs:label Smolensk[nds]
rdfs:label 斯摩棱斯克[zh]
rdfs:label סמאלענסק[yi]
rdfs:label سمولنسک[ur]
rdfs:label Смоленськ[uk]
rdfs:label Smolensk[tr]
rdfs:label สโมเลนสค์[th]
rdfs:label Smolensk[sv]
rdfs:label Смоленск[sr]
rdfs:label Смоленск[ru]
rdfs:label Smoleńsk[pl]
rdfs:label Смоленск[os]
rdfs:label Smolensk[nl]
rdfs:label स्मोलेन्स्क[mr]
rdfs:label Smoļenska[lv]
rdfs:label Smolenskas[lt]
rdfs:label Smolenscum[la]
rdfs:label 스몰렌스크[ko]
rdfs:label სმოლენსკი[ka]
rdfs:label スモレンスク[ja]
rdfs:label Smoleńsk[it]
rdfs:label Smolensk[is]
rdfs:label Smolensk[io]
rdfs:label Smolensk[id]
rdfs:label Սմոլենսկ[hy]
rdfs:label Szmolenszk[hu]
rdfs:label סמולנסק[he]
rdfs:label Smolensk[fr]
rdfs:label Smolensk[fi]
rdfs:label اسمولنسک[fa]
rdfs:label Smolensk[et]
rdfs:label Smolensk[es]
rdfs:label Smolensk[eo]
rdfs:label Smolensk[en]
rdfs:label Σμολένσκ[el]
rdfs:label Smolensk[de]
rdfs:label Smolensk[da]
rdfs:label Смулен[cv]
rdfs:label Смольньскъ[cu]
rdfs:label Smolensk[cs]
rdfs:label Smolensk[ca]
rdfs:label Смоленск[bg]
rdfs:label Горад Смаленск[be]
rdfs:label سمولينسك[ar]
rdfs:label Smolensk
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
Cape Town (South Africa) (Place)
Universal identifier /649b94f468364935a5a05619b593f634#id
rdfs:label Lé Cap[nrm]
rdfs:label Lo Cap[frp]
rdfs:label Ciudá del Cabu[ast]
rdfs:label IKapa[zu]
rdfs:label 開普敦[zh]
rdfs:label Cape Town[vi]
rdfs:label كاپېتوۋن[ug]
rdfs:label Cape Town[tr]
rdfs:label Cape Town[sw]
rdfs:label Kapstaden[sv]
rdfs:label Cape Town[sl]
rdfs:label Kapské Mesto[sk]
rdfs:label Кейптаун[ru]
rdfs:label Cidade do Cabo[pt]
rdfs:label Kapsztad[pl]
rdfs:label Cape Town[no]
rdfs:label Cape Town[nn]
rdfs:label Kaapstad[nl]
rdfs:label Кејптаун[mk]
rdfs:label Keiptauna[lv]
rdfs:label Keiptaunas[lt]
rdfs:label Kapstad[lb]
rdfs:label 케이프타운[ko]
rdfs:label ケープタウン[ja]
rdfs:label Città del Capo[it]
rdfs:label Höfðaborg[is]
rdfs:label Cape Town[id]
rdfs:label Fokváros[hu]
rdfs:label קייפטאון[he]
rdfs:label Cidade do Cabo - Cape Town[gl]
rdfs:label Cape Town[gd]
rdfs:label Le Cap[fr]
rdfs:label Kapkaupunki[fi]
rdfs:label Lurmutur Hiria[eu]
rdfs:label Kaplinn[et]
rdfs:label Ciudad del Cabo[es]
rdfs:label Kaburbo[eo]
rdfs:label Cape Town (South Africa)[en]
rdfs:label Kapstadt[de]
rdfs:label Kapstaden[da]
rdfs:label Tref y Penrhyn[cy]
rdfs:label Kapské Město[cs]
rdfs:label Ciutat del Cap[ca]
rdfs:label Кейптаун[bg]
rdfs:label كيب تاون[ar]
rdfs:label Kaapstad[af]
rdfs:label Cape Town
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdfs:comment city in the Western Cape, South Africa[en]
Result #19
Universal identifier /places.html#5d6c509bf9d1439197eb84eab149440a
olo:index 19” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /5d6c509bf9d1439197eb84eab149440a#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #19[en-gb]
Result #13
Universal identifier /places.html#cc381785ab7f4171a6f67297ed315cef
olo:index 13” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #13[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
olo:item /cc381785ab7f4171a6f67297ed315cef#id
Indian Ocean (Place)
Universal identifier /449ff458e1b34ec09bd8f7d7faaaef1e#id
rdfs:label 印度洋[zh]
rdfs:label Océan Indien[fr]
rdfs:label Indian Ocean[en]
rdfs:label Indian Ocean
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdfs:comment ocean between Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antartica[en]
Result #24
Universal identifier /places.html#186dff5fa39641d298605ce930ebfbcb
olo:item /186dff5fa39641d298605ce930ebfbcb#id
olo:index 24” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #24[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Sudan (Place)
Universal identifier /cc381785ab7f4171a6f67297ed315cef#id
rdfs:label Sudan[pam]
rdfs:label Sudan[nds]
rdfs:label Sudan[lij]
rdfs:label Sudan[ilo]
rdfs:label Sudan[hsb]
rdfs:label Sodan[frp]
rdfs:label Sudán[ast]
rdfs:label Sudan[ang]
rdfs:label 苏丹[zh]
rdfs:label סודאן[yi]
rdfs:label Sudän[vo]
rdfs:label Sudan[vi]
rdfs:label Sudan[uz]
rdfs:label سوڈان[ur]
rdfs:label Судан[uk]
rdfs:label سۇدان[ug]
rdfs:label Sudan[tr]
rdfs:label Sudan[tl]
rdfs:label ซูดาน[th]
rdfs:label சூடான்[ta]
rdfs:label Sudan[sw]
rdfs:label Sudan[sv]
rdfs:label Судан[sr]
rdfs:label Sudani[sq]
rdfs:label Sudaan[so]
rdfs:label Sudan[sl]
rdfs:label Sudán[sk]
rdfs:label Sudan[sh]
rdfs:label Sudan[se]
rdfs:label Судан[ru]
rdfs:label Sudan[ro]
rdfs:label Sudan[rm]
rdfs:label Sudan[qu]
rdfs:label Sudão[pt]
rdfs:label Sudan[pl]
rdfs:label Sodan[oc]
rdfs:label Sudan[no]
rdfs:label Sudan[nn]
rdfs:label Soedan[nl]
rdfs:label Sudan[nb]
rdfs:label Sudan[mt]
rdfs:label Sudan[ms]
rdfs:label സുഡാന്‍[ml]
rdfs:label Судан[mk]
rdfs:label Sudāna[lv]
rdfs:label Sudanas[lt]
rdfs:label ຊູດານ[lo]
rdfs:label Sudani[ln]
rdfs:label Sudania[la]
rdfs:label Soudan[kw]
rdfs:label Sudan[ku]
rdfs:label 수단[ko]
rdfs:label ស៊ូដង់[km]
rdfs:label სუდანი[ka]
rdfs:label スーダン[ja]
rdfs:label Sudan[it]
rdfs:label Súdan[is]
rdfs:label Sudan[io]
rdfs:label Sudan[id]
rdfs:label Sudan[ia]
rdfs:label Սուդան[hy]
rdfs:label Szudán[hu]
rdfs:label Soudan[ht]
rdfs:label Sudan[hr]
rdfs:label सूडान[hi]
rdfs:label סודן[he]
rdfs:label Sudán[gl]
rdfs:label Sudan[gd]
rdfs:label An tSúdáin[ga]
rdfs:label Soudan[fr]
rdfs:label Sudan[fi]
rdfs:label سودان[fa]
rdfs:label Sudan[eu]
rdfs:label Sudaan[et]
rdfs:label Sudán[es]
rdfs:label Sudano[eo]
rdfs:label Sudan[en]
rdfs:label Σουδάν[el]
rdfs:label Sudan[de]
rdfs:label Sudan[da]
rdfs:label Y Swdan[cy]
rdfs:label Súdán[cs]
rdfs:label El Sudan[ca]
rdfs:label Sudan[bs]
rdfs:label སུ་དཱན།[bo]
rdfs:label সুদান[bn]
rdfs:label Судан[bg]
rdfs:label Судан[be]
rdfs:label Sudan[az]
rdfs:label السودان[ar]
rdfs:label Sudán[an]
rdfs:label ሱዳን[am]
rdfs:label Soedan[af]
rdfs:label Sudan
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdfs:comment country in Africa[en]
rdfs:comment Sudan (Arabic: السودان‎‎ as-Sūdān, English pronunciation (US) , (GB) ), also known as North Sudan and officially the Republic of the Sudan (Arabic: جمهورية السودان‎‎ Jumhūriyyat as-Sūdān), is a country in Northern Africa. It is bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea, Eritrea, and Ethiopia to the east, South Sudan to the south, the Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west and Libya to the northwest. It is the third largest country in Africa. The River Nile divides the country into eastern and western halves. Before the Sudanese Civil War, South Sudan was part of Sudan but broke away in 2011. Its predominant religion is Islam.
Result #21
Universal identifier /places.html#37ceea0258d54dbebc11144f4001b2e1
olo:item /37ceea0258d54dbebc11144f4001b2e1#id
olo:index 21” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #21[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Result #23
Universal identifier /places.html#d7b3347f0cac494bbdcb1c76a0ae39f9
olo:index 23” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /d7b3347f0cac494bbdcb1c76a0ae39f9#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #23[en-gb]
Result #4
Universal identifier /places.html#2ccdc0fbd9c1496f9653a00095dc94fc
olo:item /2ccdc0fbd9c1496f9653a00095dc94fc#id
rdfs:label Result #4[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
olo:index 4” (xsd:integer)
Result #7
Universal identifier /places.html#fbf7ecce0a644f79a5e2937e65736f63
olo:item /fbf7ecce0a644f79a5e2937e65736f63#id
olo:index 7” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #7[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Result #3
Universal identifier /places.html#0d6f97fef8be4f8395cacc76994077e7
olo:item /0d6f97fef8be4f8395cacc76994077e7#id
olo:index 3” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #3[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Result #18
Universal identifier /places.html#189c13493d7940279483a04f94d07b7e
rdfs:label Result #18[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
olo:item /189c13493d7940279483a04f94d07b7e#id
olo:index 18” (xsd:integer)
Places (Dataset)
Universal identifier /places
rdf:type void:Dataset
rdfs:label Places[en-gb]
xhtml:next /places?offset=25
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dct:hasFormat /places.html
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olo:slot /places.html#449ff458e1b34ec09bd8f7d7faaaef1e
Aswan (Egypt) (Place)
Universal identifier /2dd07e42f9ad40728419a026f803f2f0#id
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdfs:label Асуан[uk]
rdfs:label Aswan[sw]
rdfs:label Assuan[sv]
rdfs:label Асуан[ru]
rdfs:label Aswan[ro]
rdfs:label Assuão[pt]
rdfs:label Asuan[pl]
rdfs:label Aswan[no]
rdfs:label Aswan[nl]
rdfs:label Asuanas[lt]
rdfs:label アスワン[ja]
rdfs:label Assuan[it]
rdfs:label Aswan[id]
rdfs:label אסואן[he]
rdfs:label Asuán - أسوان[gl]
rdfs:label Assouan[fr]
rdfs:label Assuan[fi]
rdfs:label Aswān[et]
rdfs:label Asuán[es]
rdfs:label Asŭano[eo]
rdfs:label Aswan (Egypt)[en]
rdfs:label Assuan[de]
rdfs:label Aswan[da]
rdfs:label Asuán[cs]
rdfs:label Assuan[ca]
rdfs:label Асуан[bg]
rdfs:label أسوان[ar]
rdfs:label Aswan[af]
rdfs:label Aswan
rdfs:comment Egyptian city[en]
rdfs:comment Aswan, formerly spelled Assuan, is a city in the south of Egypt, the capital of the Aswan Governorate. Aswan is a busy market and tourist centre located just north of the Aswan Dams on the east bank of the Nile at the first cataract. The modern city has expanded and includes the formerly separate community on the island of Elephantine.
Result #6
Universal identifier /places.html#0c0e4d0b410e459aad6f49a6a7d6a2fa
olo:index 6” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /0c0e4d0b410e459aad6f49a6a7d6a2fa#id
rdfs:label Result #6[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Result #12
Universal identifier /places.html#f3d7756abaea4f17babe3919986144c9
olo:item /f3d7756abaea4f17babe3919986144c9#id
olo:index 12” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #12[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
West Bank (Place)
Universal identifier /b6d5142e588b4b79a02c15096a366894#id
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:label Västbanken[sv]
rdfs:label West Bank[en]
rdfs:label Cisjordània[ca]
rdfs:label Aḑ Ḑaffah al Gharbīyah[ar]
rdfs:label West Bank
rdfs:comment part of the Palestinian territories near the Mediterranean coast of Western Asia[en]
rdfs:comment The West Bank (Arabic: الضفة الغربية‎‎ aḍ-Ḍiffah l-Ġarbiyyah; Hebrew: הגדה המערבית‎‎, HaGadah HaMa'aravit) is a landlocked territory near the Mediterranean coast of Western Asia, forming the bulk of the State of Palestine. The West Bank shares boundaries (demarcated by the Jordanian-Israeli armistice of 1949) to the west, north, and south with Israel, and to the east, across the Jordan River, with Jordan. The West Bank also contains a significant section of the western Dead Sea shore. The West Bank, including East Jerusalem, has a land area of 5,640 km2 plus a water area of 220 km2, consisting of the northwest quarter of the Dead Sea. As of July 2015 it has an estimated population of 2...
Adriatic Sea (Place)
Universal identifier /5d6c509bf9d1439197eb84eab149440a#id
rdfs:comment body of water[en]
rdfs:comment The Adriatic Sea is a body of water separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula and the Apennine Mountains from the Dinaric Alps and adjacent ranges. The Adriatic is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea, extending from the Strait of Otranto (where it connects to the Ionian Sea) to the northwest and the Po Valley. The countries with coasts on the Adriatic are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia. The Adriatic contains over 1,300 islands, mostly located along its eastern, Croatian, coast. It is divided into three basins, the northern being the shallowest and the southern being the deepest, with a maximum depth of 1,233...
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdfs:label Jadransko More[sr]
rdfs:label Deti i Adriatikut[sq]
rdfs:label Mare Adriatico[it]
rdfs:label Jadransko More[hr]
rdfs:label Mer Adriatique[fr]
rdfs:label Mar Adriático[es]
rdfs:label Adriatiko[eo]
rdfs:label Adriatic Sea[en]
rdfs:label Adriatisches Meer[de]
rdfs:label Adriatic Sea
New York (Place)
Universal identifier /9648655be4f8451d91a6a433fb86ee4d#id
rdfs:label NY[abbr]
rdfs:label niuiork[jbo]
rdfs:label New York[frp]
rdfs:label Nīwe Eoforwic[ang]
rdfs:label 纽约州[zh]
rdfs:label Tiểu bang New York[vi]
rdfs:label Нью-Йорк[uk]
rdfs:label نيۇيورك شىتاتى[ug]
rdfs:label New York[tr]
rdfs:label New York[tl]
rdfs:label มลรัฐนิวยอร์ก[th]
rdfs:label நியூ யோர்க் மாநிலம்[ta]
rdfs:label New York[sv]
rdfs:label Њујорк[sr]
rdfs:label New York[sq]
rdfs:label New York[sl]
rdfs:label New York[sk]
rdfs:label Нью-Йорк[ru]
rdfs:label New York[ro]
rdfs:label Nova Iorque[pt]
rdfs:label Нью-Йорк[os]
rdfs:label Nòva York[oc]
rdfs:label New York State[no]
rdfs:label Delstaten New York[nn]
rdfs:label New York[nl]
rdfs:label New York[ms]
rdfs:label Њујорк[mk]
rdfs:label Ņujorka[lv]
rdfs:label Niujorkas[lt]
rdfs:label Novum Eboracum[la]
rdfs:label Stat Evrek Nowydh[kw]
rdfs:label New York[ku]
rdfs:label 뉴욕 주[ko]
rdfs:label ニューヨーク州[ja]
rdfs:label New York[it]
rdfs:label Nova-York[io]
rdfs:label New York[id]
rdfs:label New York[hu]
rdfs:label New York[hr]
rdfs:label नया यॉर्क[hi]
rdfs:label ניו יורק[he]
rdfs:label Estado de Nova York[gl]
rdfs:label Eabhraig Nuadh[gd]
rdfs:label Nua-Eabhrac[ga]
rdfs:label New York[fr]
rdfs:label New York[fi]
rdfs:label New Yorgi osariik[et]
rdfs:label Nueva York[es]
rdfs:label Nov-Jorkio[eo]
rdfs:label New York[en]
rdfs:label New York[de]
rdfs:label New York[da]
rdfs:label Efrog Newydd[cy]
rdfs:label New York[cs]
rdfs:label Estat de Nova York[ca]
rdfs:label New York[bs]
rdfs:label New York[br]
rdfs:label Ню Йорк[bg]
rdfs:label Нью-Ёрк[be]
rdfs:label نيويورك[ar]
rdfs:label ኒው ዮርክ[am]
rdfs:label New York
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdfs:comment state of the United States of America[en]
rdfs:comment New York is a state in the northeastern United States, and is the 27th-most extensive, fourth-most populous, and seventh-most densely populated U.S. state. New York is bordered by New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south and Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont to the east. The state has a maritime border in the Atlantic Ocean with Rhode Island, east of Long Island, as well as an international border with the Canadian provinces of Quebec to the north and Ontario to the west and north. The state of New York, with an estimated 19.8 million residents in 2015, is often referred to as New York State to distinguish it from New York City, the state's most populous city and its economic hub.
Universal identifier /places.html
rdf:type dcmitype:Text
Result #9
Universal identifier /places.html#0a6fadc7f31047f9ac6d7a36276770ea
olo:item /0a6fadc7f31047f9ac6d7a36276770ea#id
olo:index 9” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #9[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Larnaca (Place)
Universal identifier /2ccdc0fbd9c1496f9653a00095dc94fc#id
rdfs:comment city on the southern coast of Cyprus[en]
rdfs:comment Larnaca is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus and the capital of the eponymous district. It is the third-largest city in the country, after Nicosia and Limassol, with an urban population of 84,591 (2011). Larnaca is known for its palm-tree seafront, the Church of Saint Lazarus, the Hala Sultan Tekke, the Kamares Aqueduct and its medieval fort. It is built on the ruins of ancient Citium, which was the birthplace of Stoic philosopher Zeno.
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdfs:label لرناکا[pnb]
rdfs:label 拉纳卡[zh]
rdfs:label لارناکا[ur]
rdfs:label Ларнака[uk]
rdfs:label Larnaka[tr]
rdfs:label ลาร์นากา[th]
rdfs:label Larnaca[sv]
rdfs:label Ларнака[sr]
rdfs:label Larnaka[sk]
rdfs:label Lárnaca[pt]
rdfs:label Larnaka[pl]
rdfs:label Larnaka[no]
rdfs:label Larnaca[nl]
rdfs:label 라르나카[ko]
rdfs:label ლარნაკა[ka]
rdfs:label ラルナカ[ja]
rdfs:label Larnaka[it]
rdfs:label Լարնակա[hy]
rdfs:label Lárnaka[hu]
rdfs:label לרנקה[he]
rdfs:label Citium[fr]
rdfs:label Larnaka[fi]
rdfs:label لارناکا[fa]
rdfs:label Lárnaca[es]
rdfs:label Larnaca[en]
rdfs:label Lárnaka[el]
rdfs:label Larnaka[de]
rdfs:label Ларнака[cv]
rdfs:label Làrnaca[ca]
rdfs:label ལར་ན་ཀ།[bo]
rdfs:label Ларнака[bg]
rdfs:label لارنكا[ar]
rdfs:label Larnaca
Ho Chi Minh City (Place)
Universal identifier /0920d6e3e89f4454b18cc74ed9899c09#id
rdfs:comment largest city in Vietnam[en]
rdfs:comment Ho Chi Minh City, formerly named and still also referred to as Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam. It was once known as Prey Nokor (Khmer: ព្រៃនគរ), an important Khmer seaport prior to annexation by the Vietnamese in the 17th century. Under the name Saigon, it was the capital of the French colony of Cochinchina and later of the independent republic of South Vietnam 1955–75. On 2 July 1976, Saigon merged with the surrounding Gia Định Province and was officially renamed Ho Chi Minh City after revolutionary leader Hồ Chí Minh (although the name Sài Gòn is still unofficially widely used).
rdfs:label 胡志明市[zh]
rdfs:label Sài Gòn[vi]
rdfs:label سايگون[ug]
rdfs:label Ho Chi Minh[sv]
rdfs:label Hošiminh[sl]
rdfs:label Hočiminovo Mesto[sk]
rdfs:label Хошимин[ru]
rdfs:label Cidade de Ho Chi Minh[pt]
rdfs:label Ho Chi Minh[pl]
rdfs:label Ho Chi Minh-byen[no]
rdfs:label Ho Chi Minh-byen[nn]
rdfs:label Ho Chi Minhstad[nl]
rdfs:label Hošimina[lv]
rdfs:label 호찌민 시[ko]
rdfs:label ホーチミン市[ja]
rdfs:label Ho Chi Minh[it]
rdfs:label Ho Chi Minh borg[is]
rdfs:label Kota Ho Chi Minh[id]
rdfs:label Ho Si Minh-város[hu]
rdfs:label הו צ'י מין סיטי[he]
rdfs:label Cathair Ho Chi Minh[ga]
rdfs:label Hô Chi Minh Ville[fr]
rdfs:label Ho Chi Minhin kaupunki[fi]
rdfs:label Ciudad Ho Chi Minh[es]
rdfs:label Ho-Ĉi-Min-Urbo[eo]
rdfs:label Ho Chi Minh City[en]
rdfs:label Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt[de]
rdfs:label Ho Chi Minh-byen[da]
rdfs:label Saigon[cs]
rdfs:label Хо Ши Мин[bg]
rdfs:label مدينة هوشي منه[ar]
rdfs:label HCMC
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
Result #8
Universal identifier /places.html#9648655be4f8451d91a6a433fb86ee4d
olo:item /9648655be4f8451d91a6a433fb86ee4d#id
olo:index 8” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #8[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Result #25
Universal identifier /places.html#81e4fadd27534218ac8a475632227278
olo:index 25” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /81e4fadd27534218ac8a475632227278#id
rdfs:label Result #25[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Result #22
Universal identifier /places.html#b6d5142e588b4b79a02c15096a366894
rdfs:label Result #22[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
olo:index 22” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /b6d5142e588b4b79a02c15096a366894#id
Result #16
Universal identifier /places.html#4cdb87dccab24a4ca21aceb2ce4170a4
olo:item /4cdb87dccab24a4ca21aceb2ce4170a4#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #16[en-gb]
olo:index 16” (xsd:integer)
Chiang Mai (Thailand) (Place)
Universal identifier /0a6fadc7f31047f9ac6d7a36276770ea#id
rdfs:comment city in Chiang Mai province, Thailand[en]
rdfs:comment Chiang Mai sometimes written as "Chiengmai" or "Chiangmai", is the largest city in Northern Thailand. It is the capital of Chiang Mai Province and was a former capital of the Kingdom of Lan Na (1296–1768), which became the Kingdom of Chiang Mai, a tributary state of Siam from 1774 to 1899 and finally the seat of a merely ceremonial prince until 1939. It is 700 km (435 mi) north of Bangkok and is situated amongst the highest mountains in the country. The city sits astride the Ping River, a major tributary of the Chao Phraya River.
rdfs:label 清邁[zh]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[vi]
rdfs:label แม่ริม เชียงใหม่[th]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[sv]
rdfs:label Чианг-Май[ru]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[pt]
rdfs:label Cziang Maj[pl]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[no]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[nn]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[nl]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[lt]
rdfs:label 치앙마이[ko]
rdfs:label チエンマイ[ja]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[id]
rdfs:label צ'אנג מאי[he]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[fr]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai (Thailand)[en]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[de]
rdfs:label Chiang Mai[da]
rdfs:label Chiangmai
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
Afghanistan (Place)
Universal identifier /37ceea0258d54dbebc11144f4001b2e1#id
rdfs:comment republic in South Asia[en]
rdfs:label Afganistan[war]
rdfs:label Афганистан[udm]
rdfs:label Afeganistaun[tet]
rdfs:label Afganistàn[scn]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[pam]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[nds]
rdfs:label Afganistan[ilo]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[hsb]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[fur]
rdfs:label Afganistan[frp]
rdfs:label Afganistán[ast]
rdfs:label 阿富汗[zh]
rdfs:label Afganistaan[wo]
rdfs:label Lafganistän[vo]
rdfs:label A Phú Hãn (Afghanistan)[vi]
rdfs:label Афғонистон[uz]
rdfs:label افغانستان[ur]
rdfs:label Афганістан[uk]
rdfs:label ئافغانىستان[ug]
rdfs:label Afganistan[tr]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[tl]
rdfs:label Owganystan[tk]
rdfs:label อัฟกานิสถาน[th]
rdfs:label Афғонистон[tg]
rdfs:label ஆப்கானிஸ்தான்[ta]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[sw]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[sv]
rdfs:label Авганистан[sr]
rdfs:label Afganistan[sq]
rdfs:label Afgaanistaan[so]
rdfs:label Afganistan[sl]
rdfs:label Afganistan[sk]
rdfs:label Dowlat-e Eslāmī-ye Afghānestān[sh]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[se]
rdfs:label अफगानस्थान[sa]
rdfs:label Афганистан[ru]
rdfs:label Afganistan[ro]
rdfs:label Afgansuyu[qu]
rdfs:label Afeganistão[pt]
rdfs:label افغانستان[ps]
rdfs:label Afganistan[pl]
rdfs:label Афгъанистан[os]
rdfs:label Afganistan[oc]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[no]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[nn]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[nl]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[nb]
rdfs:label Afganistan[na]
rdfs:label Afganistan[mt]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[ms]
rdfs:label Афганистан[mo]
rdfs:label അഫ്ഗാനിസ്ഥാന്‍[ml]
rdfs:label Авганистан[mk]
rdfs:label Afganistāna[lv]
rdfs:label Afganistanas[lt]
rdfs:label ອັຟການິດສະຖານ[lo]
rdfs:label Afganistan[li]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[lb]
rdfs:label Afgania[la]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[kw]
rdfs:label Efxanistan[ku]
rdfs:label 아프가니스탄[ko]
rdfs:label ಅಫ್ಘಾನಿಸ್ತಾನ[kn]
rdfs:label អាហ្វហ្គានីស្តង់[km]
rdfs:label ავღანეთი[ka]
rdfs:label アフガニスタン[ja]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[it]
rdfs:label Afganistan[is]
rdfs:label Afganistan[io]
rdfs:label Afganistan[id]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[ia]
rdfs:label Աֆղանստան[hy]
rdfs:label Afganisztán[hu]
rdfs:label Afganistan[ht]
rdfs:label Afganistan[hr]
rdfs:label अफगानिस्तान[hi]
rdfs:label אפגניסטאן[he]
rdfs:label અફઘાનિસ્તાન[gu]
rdfs:label Afganistán[gl]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[gd]
rdfs:label An Afganastáin[ga]
rdfs:label Afganistan[fy]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[fr]
rdfs:label Afganistan[fo]
rdfs:label Afganistan[fi]
rdfs:label جمهورئ اسلامئ افغانستان[fa]
rdfs:label Afganistan[eu]
rdfs:label Afganistan[et]
rdfs:label Afganistán[es]
rdfs:label Afganujo[eo]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[en]
rdfs:label Αφγανιστάν[el]
rdfs:label ཨཕ་ག་ནིསི་ཏཱན[dz]
rdfs:label އައްފާނިސްތާން[dv]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[de]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[da]
rdfs:label Affganistan[cy]
rdfs:label Афганистан[cv]
rdfs:label Afghánistán[cs]
rdfs:label Afganistan[ca]
rdfs:label Afganistan[bs]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[br]
rdfs:label ཨཕ་ག་ནི་སྟཱན།[bo]
rdfs:label আফগানিস্তান[bn]
rdfs:label Афганистан[bg]
rdfs:label Аўганістан[be]
rdfs:label Əfqanıstan[az]
rdfs:label افغانستان[ar]
rdfs:label Afganistán[an]
rdfs:label አፍጋኒስታን[am]
rdfs:label Afghanistan[af]
rdfs:label Afghanistan
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
Danube (Place)
Universal identifier /fbf7ecce0a644f79a5e2937e65736f63#id
rdfs:comment river in Central Europe[en]
rdfs:comment The Danube is Europe's second-longest river, after the Volga River, and also the longest river in the European Union region. It is located in Central and Eastern Europe. The Danube was once a long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire, and today flows through 10 countries, more than any other river in the world. Originating in Germany, the Danube flows southeast for 2,860 km (1,780 mi), passing through or touching the border of Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine before emptying into the Black Sea. Its drainage basin extends into nine more countries.
rdfs:label Dunărea[ro]
rdfs:label Danubius[la]
rdfs:label Danubio[es]
rdfs:label Danubo[eo]
rdfs:label Danube[en]
rdfs:label Donau[de]
rdfs:label Danube
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type skos:Concept
Result #1
Universal identifier /places.html#449ff458e1b34ec09bd8f7d7faaaef1e
olo:index 1” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /449ff458e1b34ec09bd8f7d7faaaef1e#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #1[en-gb]
Result #20
Universal identifier /places.html#e6d0e89627874917bbb7957b300adb58
olo:item /e6d0e89627874917bbb7957b300adb58#id
olo:index 20” (xsd:integer)
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #20[en-gb]
Fiji (Place)
Universal identifier /9c0c06e97b9b4ee5b7b123978ba3b176#id
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:label Figgi[scn]
rdfs:label Fiji[pam]
rdfs:label Fidschi[nds]
rdfs:label Fidj·i[frp]
rdfs:label 斐济[zh]
rdfs:label Ficiyuäns[vo]
rdfs:label Fiji[vi]
rdfs:label فِجی[ur]
rdfs:label Фіджі[uk]
rdfs:label فىجى[ug]
rdfs:label Fiji[tt]
rdfs:label Fiji[tr]
rdfs:label Viti[to]
rdfs:label Fiji[tl]
rdfs:label ฟิจิ[th]
rdfs:label பிஜி[ta]
rdfs:label Fiji[sv]
rdfs:label Фиџи[sr]
rdfs:label Fixhi[sq]
rdfs:label Fidži[sl]
rdfs:label Fidži[sk]
rdfs:label Fidži[sh]
rdfs:label Fijisullot[se]
rdfs:label फ़िजी[sa]
rdfs:label Фиджи[ru]
rdfs:label Fiji[ro]
rdfs:label Fiji[pt]
rdfs:label فېجي[ps]
rdfs:label Fidżi[pl]
rdfs:label Fiji[oc]
rdfs:label Fiji[no]
rdfs:label Fiji[nn]
rdfs:label Fiji[nl]
rdfs:label Fiji[nb]
rdfs:label Fiji[na]
rdfs:label Fiġi[mt]
rdfs:label Fiji[ms]
rdfs:label ഫിജി[ml]
rdfs:label Фиџи[mk]
rdfs:label Fidži[lv]
rdfs:label Fidžis[lt]
rdfs:label ຟິຈິ[lo]
rdfs:label Insulae Vitienses[la]
rdfs:label Fiji[kw]
rdfs:label Fîjî[ku]
rdfs:label फिजी[ks]
rdfs:label 피지[ko]
rdfs:label ហ្វ៉ីហ្ស៉ី[km]
rdfs:label ფიჯი[ka]
rdfs:label フィジー[ja]
rdfs:label Figi[it]
rdfs:label Fídjieyjar[is]
rdfs:label Fidji[io]
rdfs:label Fiji[id]
rdfs:label Fiji[ia]
rdfs:label Ֆիջի[hy]
rdfs:label Fidzsi[hu]
rdfs:label Fidji[ht]
rdfs:label Fidži[hr]
rdfs:label फ़िजी[hi]
rdfs:label פיג׳י[he]
rdfs:label Fidxi - Viti[gl]
rdfs:label Fiji[gd]
rdfs:label Fidsí[ga]
rdfs:label Fidji[fr]
rdfs:label Viti[fj]
rdfs:label Fidži[fi]
rdfs:label فیجی[fa]
rdfs:label Fiji[eu]
rdfs:label FidĪi[et]
rdfs:label Fiyi[es]
rdfs:label Fiĝoj[eo]
rdfs:label Fiji[en]
rdfs:label Φίτζι[el]
rdfs:label Fidschi[de]
rdfs:label Fiji-øerne[da]
rdfs:label Fiji[cy]
rdfs:label Fidži[cs]
rdfs:label Fiji[ca]
rdfs:label Fidži[bs]
rdfs:label ཕི་ཇི།[bo]
rdfs:label ফিজি[bn]
rdfs:label Фиджи[bg]
rdfs:label Фіджы[be]
rdfs:label فيجي[ar]
rdfs:label Fiyi[an]
rdfs:label ፊጂ[am]
rdfs:label Fidji[af]
rdfs:label Fiji
rdfs:comment country in Oceania[en]
South Beach (Miami Beach, Fla) (Place)
Universal identifier /81e4fadd27534218ac8a475632227278#id
rdfs:comment neighborhood in Miami Beach, Florida, United States[en]
rdfs:comment South Beach, also nicknamed SoBe, is a neighborhood in the city of Miami Beach, Florida, United States, located due east of Miami city proper between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The area encompasses all of the barrier islands of Miami Beach south of Indian Creek. This area was the first section of Miami Beach to be developed, starting in the 1910s, due to the development efforts of Carl G. Fisher, the Lummus Brothers, and John S. Collins, the latter of whose construction of the Collins Bridge provided the first vital land link between mainland Miami and the beaches.
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdfs:label South Beach (Miami Beach, Fla)[en]
rdfs:label South Beach
Atlanta (Ga) (Place)
Universal identifier /e6d0e89627874917bbb7957b300adb58#id
rdfs:comment capital city of state of Georgia, United States; county seat of Fulton County, Georgia[en]
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdfs:label 30343[post]
rdfs:label 亚特兰大[zh]
rdfs:label Atlanta[vi]
rdfs:label اٹلانٹا، جارجیا[ur]
rdfs:label Атланта[uk]
rdfs:label Atlanta[tr]
rdfs:label แอตแลนตา[th]
rdfs:label Atlanta[sv]
rdfs:label Атланта[sr]
rdfs:label Atlanta[sk]
rdfs:label Atlanta[sh]
rdfs:label Атланта[ru]
rdfs:label Atlanta[ro]
rdfs:label Atlanta[pt]
rdfs:label Atlanta[pl]
rdfs:label Atlanta[oc]
rdfs:label Atlanta[no]
rdfs:label Atlanta[nl]
rdfs:label Atlanta[lt]
rdfs:label Atlanta[la]
rdfs:label 애틀랜타[ko]
rdfs:label アトランタ[ja]
rdfs:label Atlanta[it]
rdfs:label Atlanta[is]
rdfs:label Atlanta[io]
rdfs:label Atlanta[id]
rdfs:label Atlanta[hr]
rdfs:label אטלנטה[he]
rdfs:label Atlanta[gl]
rdfs:label Atlanta[ga]
rdfs:label Atlanta[fr]
rdfs:label Atlanta[fi]
rdfs:label Atlanta[eu]
rdfs:label Atlanta[et]
rdfs:label Atlanta[es]
rdfs:label Atlanta[eo]
rdfs:label Atlanta (Ga)[en]
rdfs:label Atlanta[de]
rdfs:label Atlanta[da]
rdfs:label Atlanta[cs]
rdfs:label Atlanta[ca]
rdfs:label Атланта[bg]
rdfs:label أتلانتا[ar]
rdfs:label Atlanta[af]
rdfs:label Atlanta
Result #10
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olo:index 10” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /b925c5a5dc254fb6b06ffd0e5ffcff09#id
rdfs:label Result #10[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot