1. Alan Bennett (Person)

English actor, author

2. Christianity (Concept)

monotheistic religion founded in the first century

3. The Supremes (Concept)

American Motown female singing group

4. Tanzania (Place)

country in Africa

5. Stravinsky, Igor (Concept)

Russian composer, pianist and conductor

6. Basketball (Concept)

team sport played on an indoor court with baskets on either end

7. Brighton (England) (Place)

town on the south coast of Great Britain

8. Roman Catholic Church (Concept)

Christian community led by the Pope and consisting of a Latin Church and 23 Eastern Catholic Churches

9. Zion National Park (Place)

United States national park in the state of Utah

10. Oporto (Portugal) (Place)

second-largest city in Portugal

11. Credit Suisse (Concept)

Swiss bank

12. Tina Turner (Concept)

singer, dancer, actress, and author

13. Avignon (Place)

commune in Vaucluse, France

14. Chernomyrdin, Viktor S (Concept)

Russian diplomat

15. Apollo Theater (Concept)

theater in New York City

16. Haydn, Franz Joseph (Concept)

Austrian composer

17. Montenegro (Place)

country in Europe

18. Tiananmen Square (Beijing) (Concept)

public square in Beijing, China

19. Palau (Place)

republic in Oceania

20. Angelina Jolie (Concept)

American actress, film director, and screenwriter

21. Trinidad and Tobago (Concept)

island country in the Caribbean Sea

22. Brazil (Place)

federal republic in South America

23. Khartoum (Sudan) (Place)

capital city of Sudan

24. Uruguay (Place)

republic in South America

25. Tuscany (Concept)

region of Italy

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Property Value
Credit Suisse (Concept)
Universal identifier /bfccffe367994fc9a3609c8f31925cbf#id
rdfs:comment Swiss bank[en]
rdfs:comment Credit Suisse Group is a Swiss multinational financial services holding company, headquartered in Zürich, that operates the Credit Suisse Bank and other financial services investments. The company is organized as a stock corporation with four divisions: Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, and a Shared Services Group that provides marketing and support to the other three divisions. Credit Suisse was founded by Alfred Escher in 1856 under the name Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (SKA, English: Swiss Credit Institution) in order to fund the development of Switzerland's rail system. It issued loans that helped create Switzerland's electrical grid and the European rail system...
rdfs:label Credit Suisse[en]
rdfs:label Credit Suisse
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
Result #11
Universal identifier /concepts.html#bfccffe367994fc9a3609c8f31925cbf
olo:index 11” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /bfccffe367994fc9a3609c8f31925cbf#id
rdfs:label Result #11[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Oporto (Portugal) (Place)
Universal identifier /19ffa8e5aed44d2a82e600e1e07ebb73#id
rdfs:comment second-largest city in Portugal[en]
rdfs:comment Porto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon and one of the major urban areas of the Iberian Peninsula. The urban area of Porto, which extends beyond the administrative limits of the city, has a population of 2.1 million (2011) in an area of 389 km2 (150 sq mi), making it the second-largest urban area in Portugal. It is recognized as a gamma-level global city by the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Study Group, the only Portuguese city besides Lisbon to be recognised as a global city.
rdfs:label Portu[tet]
rdfs:label Portu[ast]
rdfs:label 波圖[zh]
rdfs:label Порту[uk]
rdfs:label Porto[sv]
rdfs:label Порту[ru]
rdfs:label Porto[ro]
rdfs:label Porto[pt]
rdfs:label Porto[pl]
rdfs:label Porto[no]
rdfs:label Porto[nl]
rdfs:label Portu[lv]
rdfs:label Portus Cale[la]
rdfs:label პორტუ[ka]
rdfs:label ポルト[ja]
rdfs:label Oporto[it]
rdfs:label Porto[is]
rdfs:label Porto[id]
rdfs:label Porto[hu]
rdfs:label Porto[hr]
rdfs:label פורטו[he]
rdfs:label Porto[gl]
rdfs:label Porto[fr]
rdfs:label Porto[fi]
rdfs:label پورتو[fa]
rdfs:label Porto[eu]
rdfs:label Porto[et]
rdfs:label Oporto[es]
rdfs:label Porto[eo]
rdfs:label Oporto (Portugal)[en]
rdfs:label Πόρτο[el]
rdfs:label Porto[de]
rdfs:label Porto[cs]
rdfs:label Porto[ca]
rdfs:label Порто[bg]
rdfs:label بورتو[ar]
rdfs:label Porto
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type skos:Concept
Result #5
Universal identifier /concepts.html#9da1fe18bafd4563b7ee189a12f9e18b
olo:index 5” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /9da1fe18bafd4563b7ee189a12f9e18b#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #5[en-gb]
Result #17
Universal identifier /concepts.html#7b21731cccc347108fac6ebf4276cac7
olo:item /7b21731cccc347108fac6ebf4276cac7#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #17[en-gb]
olo:index 17” (xsd:integer)
Universal identifier /concepts.html
rdf:type dcmitype:Text
Result #13
Universal identifier /concepts.html#f585aac6f6d44c9895fad2c24252499c
olo:item /f585aac6f6d44c9895fad2c24252499c#id
rdfs:label Result #13[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
olo:index 13” (xsd:integer)
Result #14
Universal identifier /concepts.html#00ecb5b73d7540eebfbf38f284d56d70
olo:index 14” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /00ecb5b73d7540eebfbf38f284d56d70#id
rdfs:label Result #14[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Brighton (England) (Place)
Universal identifier /6a6de94eff7a49cc97081e302fe98544#id
rdfs:comment town on the south coast of Great Britain[en]
rdfs:comment Brighton is a seaside resort in East Sussex, England. Archaeological evidence of settlement in the area dates back to the Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods. The ancient settlement of "Brighthelmstone" was documented in the Domesday Book (1086). The town's importance grew in the Middle Ages as the Old Town developed, but it languished in the early modern period, affected by foreign attacks, storms, a suffering economy and a declining population. Brighton began to attract more visitors following improved road transport to London and becoming a boarding point for boats travelling to France. The town also developed in popularity as a health resort for sea bathing as a purported cure...
rdfs:label Brighton[nrm]
rdfs:label 布赖顿[zh]
rdfs:label Brighton[sv]
rdfs:label Брайтон[ru]
rdfs:label Brighton[pl]
rdfs:label Brighton[no]
rdfs:label Brighton[nl]
rdfs:label ブライトン[ja]
rdfs:label Brighton[it]
rdfs:label Brighton[id]
rdfs:label Brighton[hu]
rdfs:label ברייטון[he]
rdfs:label Brighton[fr]
rdfs:label Brighton[eu]
rdfs:label Brighton[es]
rdfs:label Brajtono[eo]
rdfs:label Brighton (England)[en]
rdfs:label Brighton[de]
rdfs:label Brighton[br]
rdfs:label ব্রাইটন[bn]
rdfs:label برايتون[ar]
rdfs:label Brighton[af]
rdfs:label Brighton
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
Result #1
Universal identifier /concepts.html#486b09c39f4543f1bb27d3b17dfa662c
olo:index 1” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #1[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
olo:item /486b09c39f4543f1bb27d3b17dfa662c#id
Apollo Theater (Concept)
Universal identifier /32623bcaaab24f63a2fbd282db8b5bbd#id
rdfs:label Apollo Theater[en]
rdfs:label Apollo Theater
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:comment theater in New York City[en]
rdfs:comment The Apollo Theater at 253 West 125th Street between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard (formerly Seventh Avenue) and Frederick Douglass Boulevard (formerly Eighth Avenue) in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City is a music hall which is a noted venue for African-American performers. It was the home of Showtime at the Apollo, a nationally syndicated television variety show which showcased new talent, from 1987 to 2008, encompassing 1,093 episodes. The theater, which has a capacity of 1,506, opened its doors in 1914 as Hurtig & Seamon's New Burlesque Theater, and was designed by George Keister in the neo-Classical style. It became the Apollo in 1934, when it was opened to...
Tanzania (Place)
Universal identifier /0b9674648db04b8b83154624f12eeb77#id
rdfs:comment country in Africa[en]
rdfs:comment Tanzania , officially the United Republic of Tanzania (Swahili: Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania), is a country in Eastern Africa within the African Great Lakes region. Parts of the country are in Southern Africa. It is bordered by Kenya and Uganda to the north; Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west; Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique to the south; and by the Indian Ocean to the east. Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain, is in northeastern Tanzania.
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdfs:label Tanzania[pam]
rdfs:label Tansania[nds]
rdfs:label Tanzania[ilo]
rdfs:label Tanzanie[frp]
rdfs:label República Xunida de Tanzania[ast]
rdfs:label 坦桑尼亚[zh]
rdfs:label Tansanän[vo]
rdfs:label Tan-da-ni-a (Tanzania)[vi]
rdfs:label تنزانیہ[ur]
rdfs:label Танзанія, Обʼєднана Республіка[uk]
rdfs:label تانزانىيە[ug]
rdfs:label Tanzanya[tr]
rdfs:label Tanzania[tl]
rdfs:label ประเทศแทนซาเนีย[th]
rdfs:label Танзания[tg]
rdfs:label Tanzania[sw]
rdfs:label Tanzania[sv]
rdfs:label Танзанија[sr]
rdfs:label Tanzania[sq]
rdfs:label Tansaaniya[so]
rdfs:label Tanzanija[sl]
rdfs:label Tanzánia[sk]
rdfs:label Tanzanija[sh]
rdfs:label Tanzánia[se]
rdfs:label टंजानिया[sa]
rdfs:label Танзания[ru]
rdfs:label Tanzania[ro]
rdfs:label Tansania[rm]
rdfs:label Tansanya[qu]
rdfs:label Tanzânia[pt]
rdfs:label تانزانيه[ps]
rdfs:label Tanzania[pl]
rdfs:label Tanzania[oc]
rdfs:label Tanzania[no]
rdfs:label Tanzania[nn]
rdfs:label Tanzania[nl]
rdfs:label Tanzania[nb]
rdfs:label Tanżanija[mt]
rdfs:label Tanzania[ms]
rdfs:label टांझानिया[mr]
rdfs:label ടാന്‍സാനിയ[ml]
rdfs:label Танзанија[mk]
rdfs:label Tanzānija[lv]
rdfs:label Tanzanija[lt]
rdfs:label ທານຊາເນຍ[lo]
rdfs:label Tanzania[la]
rdfs:label Tansania[kw]
rdfs:label टंजानिया[ks]
rdfs:label 탄자니아[ko]
rdfs:label តង់ហ្សានី[km]
rdfs:label ტანზანია[ka]
rdfs:label タンザニア[ja]
rdfs:label Tanzania[it]
rdfs:label Tansanía[is]
rdfs:label Tanzania[io]
rdfs:label Tanzania[id]
rdfs:label Tanzania[ia]
rdfs:label Տանզանիա[hy]
rdfs:label Tanzánia[hu]
rdfs:label Tanzani[ht]
rdfs:label Tanzanija[hr]
rdfs:label तंस़ानिया[hi]
rdfs:label טנזניה[he]
rdfs:label Tanzania[gl]
rdfs:label Tanzania[gd]
rdfs:label An Tansáin[ga]
rdfs:label Tanzanie[fr]
rdfs:label Tansania[fo]
rdfs:label Tansania[fi]
rdfs:label تانزانیا[fa]
rdfs:label Tanzania[eu]
rdfs:label Tansaania[et]
rdfs:label Tanzania[es]
rdfs:label Tanzanio[eo]
rdfs:label Tanzania[en]
rdfs:label Τανζανία[el]
rdfs:label Tansania[de]
rdfs:label Tanzania[da]
rdfs:label Tanzania[cy]
rdfs:label Tanzanie[cs]
rdfs:label Tanzània[ca]
rdfs:label Tanzanija[bs]
rdfs:label Tanzania[br]
rdfs:label Танзания[bg]
rdfs:label Танзанія, Аб'яднаная Рэспубліка[be]
rdfs:label Tanzaniya[az]
rdfs:label تنزانيا[ar]
rdfs:label Tanzania[an]
rdfs:label ታንዛኒያ[am]
rdfs:label Tanzanië[af]
rdfs:label Tanzania
Avignon (Place)
Universal identifier /f585aac6f6d44c9895fad2c24252499c#id
rdfs:comment commune in Vaucluse, France[en]
rdfs:comment Avignon is a commune in south-eastern France in the department of Vaucluse on the left bank of the Rhône river. Of the 90,194 inhabitants of the city (as of 2011), about 12,000 live in the ancient town centre enclosed by its medieval ramparts. Between 1309 and 1377, during the Avignon Papacy, seven successive popes resided in Avignon and in 1348 Pope Clement VI bought the town from Joanna I of Naples. Papal control persisted until 1791 when, during the French Revolution, it became part of France. The town is now the capital of the Vaucluse department and one of the few French cities to have preserved its ramparts.
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdfs:label 84082[post]
rdfs:label Avignon[ceb]
rdfs:label 亞維農[zh]
rdfs:label Avignon[vi]
rdfs:label Авіньйон[uk]
rdfs:label Avignon[sv]
rdfs:label Avignon[sl]
rdfs:label Авиньон[ru]
rdfs:label Avignon[ro]
rdfs:label Avinhão[pt]
rdfs:label Awinion[pl]
rdfs:label Avinhon[oc]
rdfs:label Avignon[no]
rdfs:label Avignon[nl]
rdfs:label Avenio[la]
rdfs:label Avignon[ku]
rdfs:label アヴィニョン[ja]
rdfs:label Avignone[it]
rdfs:label Avignon[io]
rdfs:label Avignon[id]
rdfs:label Avignon[hr]
rdfs:label אביניון[he]
rdfs:label Aviñón - Avignon[gl]
rdfs:label Avignon[fr]
rdfs:label Avignon[fi]
rdfs:label Avignon[eu]
rdfs:label Avignon[et]
rdfs:label Aviñón[es]
rdfs:label Avignon[eo]
rdfs:label Avignon[en]
rdfs:label Αβινιόν[el]
rdfs:label Avignon[de]
rdfs:label Avignon[da]
rdfs:label Avignon[cs]
rdfs:label Avinyó[ca]
rdfs:label Авиньон[bg]
rdfs:label Avignon[af]
rdfs:label Avignon
Result #9
Universal identifier /concepts.html#1cbe8bbb76e24ca2a49c58817199f05a
olo:index 9” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /1cbe8bbb76e24ca2a49c58817199f05a#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #9[en-gb]
Tina Turner (Concept)
Universal identifier /a71b428fd24745e4b27af47f03a97a5b#id
rdfs:comment singer, dancer, actress, and author[en]
rdfs:comment Tina Turner (born Anna Mae Bullock; November 26, 1939), is an American-born recording artist, dancer, actress, and author, whose career has spanned more than half a century, earning her widespread recognition and numerous awards. Born and raised in the Southeastern United States, Turner obtained Swiss citizenship in 2013 and relinquished her American citizenship. She began her musical career in the mid-1950s as a featured singer with Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm, first recording in 1958 under the name "Little Ann." Her introduction to the public as Tina Turner began in 1960 as a member of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. Success followed with a string of notable hits credited to the duo...
rdfs:label Tina Turner[en]
rdfs:label Tina Turner
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
Uruguay (Place)
Universal identifier /02b7659e9a31428ea2135aa2feff48cd#id
rdfs:comment republic in South America[en]
rdfs:comment Uruguay, officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (Spanish: República Oriental del Uruguay), is a country in the southeastern region of South America. It borders Argentina to its west and Brazil to its north and east, with the Río de la Plata (River of Silver) to the south and with the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. Uruguay is home to an estimated 3.42 million people, of whom 1.8 million live in the metropolitan area of its capital and largest city, Montevideo. With an area of approximately 176,000 square kilometres (68,000 sq mi), Uruguay is geographically the second-smallest nation in South America, only larger in size than Suriname.
rdfs:label Uruguai[tet]
rdfs:label Uruguay[pam]
rdfs:label Uruguay[nds]
rdfs:label Uruguay[ilo]
rdfs:label 乌拉圭[zh]
rdfs:label אורוגװיי[yi]
rdfs:label U-ru-goay (Uruguay)[vi]
rdfs:label ہوراگوئے[ur]
rdfs:label Уруґвай[uk]
rdfs:label ئۇرۇگۋاي[ug]
rdfs:label Uruguay[tr]
rdfs:label Uruguay[tl]
rdfs:label ประเทศอุรุกวัย[th]
rdfs:label Уругуай[tg]
rdfs:label உருகுவே[ta]
rdfs:label Uruguay[sw]
rdfs:label Uruguay[sv]
rdfs:label Уругвај[sr]
rdfs:label Uruguaj[sq]
rdfs:label Urugvaj[sl]
rdfs:label Uruguaj[sk]
rdfs:label Urugvaj[sh]
rdfs:label Uruguay[se]
rdfs:label उरुग्वाय[sa]
rdfs:label Уругвай[ru]
rdfs:label Uruguay[ro]
rdfs:label Uruguay[rm]
rdfs:label Uruwayi[qu]
rdfs:label Uruguai[pt]
rdfs:label یوروګوای[ps]
rdfs:label Urugwaj[pl]
rdfs:label Uruguai[oc]
rdfs:label Uruguay[no]
rdfs:label Uruguay[nn]
rdfs:label Uruguay[nl]
rdfs:label Uruguay[nb]
rdfs:label Urugwaj[mt]
rdfs:label Uruguay[ms]
rdfs:label ഉറുഗ്വ[ml]
rdfs:label Уругвај[mk]
rdfs:label Urugvaja[lv]
rdfs:label Urugvajus[lt]
rdfs:label ລູກວຍອຸຣ[lo]
rdfs:label Uruguaia[la]
rdfs:label Urugway[kw]
rdfs:label Ûrûgûay[ku]
rdfs:label 우루과이[ko]
rdfs:label អ៊ុយរុយហ្គាយ[km]
rdfs:label ურუგვაი[ka]
rdfs:label ウルグアイ[ja]
rdfs:label Uruguay[it]
rdfs:label Úrúgvæ[is]
rdfs:label Uruguay[io]
rdfs:label Uruguay[id]
rdfs:label Uruguay[ia]
rdfs:label Ուրուգվայ[hy]
rdfs:label Uruguay[hu]
rdfs:label Irigwe[ht]
rdfs:label Urugvaj[hr]
rdfs:label उरूग्वे[hi]
rdfs:label אורוגוואי[he]
rdfs:label Uruguai[gl]
rdfs:label Uragua[ga]
rdfs:label Uruguay[fr]
rdfs:label Uruguei[fo]
rdfs:label Uruguay[fi]
rdfs:label اوروگوئه[fa]
rdfs:label Uruguai[eu]
rdfs:label Uruguay[et]
rdfs:label República Oriental del Uruguay[es]
rdfs:label Urugvajo[eo]
rdfs:label Uruguay[en]
rdfs:label Ουρουγουάη[el]
rdfs:label Uruguay[de]
rdfs:label Uruguay[da]
rdfs:label Uruguay[cy]
rdfs:label Uruguay[cs]
rdfs:label Uruguai[ca]
rdfs:label Urugvaj[bs]
rdfs:label ཨུ་རུ་གྷེ།[bo]
rdfs:label উরুগোয়ে[bn]
rdfs:label Уругвай[bg]
rdfs:label Уругвай[be]
rdfs:label Uruqvay[az]
rdfs:label أورجواي[ar]
rdfs:label Uruguai[an]
rdfs:label ኡራጓይ[am]
rdfs:label Uruguay[af]
rdfs:label Uruguay
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type skos:Concept
Basketball (Concept)
Universal identifier /5dc5e96ed7334cdeb8faccc4723c6726#id
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:label Basketball[en]
rdfs:label Basketball
rdfs:comment team sport played on an indoor court with baskets on either end[en]
rdfs:comment Basketball is a team sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter and mounted at a height of 10 feet (3.048 m) to backboards at each end of the court. The game was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, who would be the first basketball coach of the Kansas Jayhawks, one of the most successful programs in the game's history. A team can score a field goal by shooting the ball through the basket being defended by the opposition team during regular play. A field goal scores three points for the shooting team if the player shoots from behind the three-point line, and two points if shot from in...
Angelina Jolie (Concept)
Universal identifier /a17dfd56bb7b4a34a38e164bdb58fcca#id
rdfs:comment American actress, film director, and screenwriter[en]
rdfs:comment Angelina Jolie Pitt is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. She has received an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards, and has been cited as Hollywood's highest-paid actress. Jolie made her screen debut as a child alongside her father, Jon Voight, in Lookin' to Get Out (1982). Her film career began in earnest a decade later with the low-budget production Cyborg 2 (1993), followed by her first leading role in a major film, Hackers (1995). She starred in the critically acclaimed biographical cable films George Wallace (1997) and Gia (1998), and won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the drama Girl...
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:label Angelina Jolie[en]
rdfs:label Angelina Jolie
Chernomyrdin, Viktor S (Concept)
Universal identifier /00ecb5b73d7540eebfbf38f284d56d70#id
rdfs:comment Russian diplomat[en]
rdfs:comment Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin was a Russian politician. He was the first chairman of the Gazprom energy company and the longest-serving Prime Minister of Russia (1992–1998) based on consecutive years. He was a key figure in Russian politics in the 1990s, and a participant in the Russian transition from a planned to a market economy. From 2001 to 2009, he was Russia's ambassador to Ukraine. After that he was designated as a presidential adviser.
rdfs:label Chernomyrdin, Viktor S[en]
rdfs:label Viktor Chernomyrdin
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
Khartoum (Sudan) (Place)
Universal identifier /90d2f6af0348468098b6bf60b8aedd74#id
rdfs:comment capital city of Sudan[en]
rdfs:comment Khartoum is the capital and second largest city of Sudan and Khartoum state. It is located at the confluence of the White Nile, flowing north from Lake Victoria, and the Blue Nile, flowing west from Ethiopia. The location where the two Niles meet is known as "al-Mogran" المقرن, meaning the confluence. The main Nile continues to flow north towards Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. Divided by the Niles, Khartoum is a tripartite metropolis with an estimated overall population of over five million people, consisting of Khartoum proper, and linked by bridges to Khartoum North (الخرطوم بحري al-Kharṭūm Baḥrī) and Omdurman (أم درمان Umm Durmān) to the west.
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdfs:label 喀土穆[zh]
rdfs:label خرطوم[ur]
rdfs:label Hartum[tr]
rdfs:label கார்த்தௌம்[ta]
rdfs:label Khartoum[sw]
rdfs:label Khartoum[sv]
rdfs:label Картум[sr]
rdfs:label Chartúm[sk]
rdfs:label Хартум[ru]
rdfs:label Cartum[pt]
rdfs:label Chartum[pl]
rdfs:label Хартум[os]
rdfs:label Khartoum[no]
rdfs:label Khartoem[nl]
rdfs:label Chartumas[lt]
rdfs:label 하르툼[ko]
rdfs:label ハルツーム[ja]
rdfs:label Khartum[it]
rdfs:label Kartúm[is]
rdfs:label Khartoum[io]
rdfs:label Khartoum[id]
rdfs:label Kartúm[hu]
rdfs:label חרטום[he]
rdfs:label Khartún - الخرطوم[gl]
rdfs:label Cartúm[ga]
rdfs:label Khartoum[fr]
rdfs:label Khartum[fi]
rdfs:label خارطوم[fa]
rdfs:label Hartum[et]
rdfs:label Jartum[es]
rdfs:label Ĥartumo[eo]
rdfs:label Khartoum (Sudan)[en]
rdfs:label Χαρτούμ[el]
rdfs:label Khartum[de]
rdfs:label Khartoum[da]
rdfs:label Khartoum[cy]
rdfs:label Chartúm[cs]
rdfs:label Khartum[ca]
rdfs:label ཁར་ཏུམ[bo]
rdfs:label Хартум[bg]
rdfs:label خرطوم[ar]
rdfs:label ካርቱም[am]
rdfs:label Khartoum
Concepts (Dataset)
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rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #15[en-gb]
Result #4
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Brazil (Place)
Universal identifier /770518bec7854161a5c071fca30c2e3b#id
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdfs:label Braxil[vec]
rdfs:label Brazíl[tet]
rdfs:label Brasili[scn]
rdfs:label Brazil[pap]
rdfs:label Brazil[pam]
rdfs:label Brési[nrm]
rdfs:label Brasilien[nds]
rdfs:label Brasīl[nah]
rdfs:label razgu'e[jbo]
rdfs:label Brazil[ilo]
rdfs:label Brèsil[frp]
rdfs:label Brasil[ast]
rdfs:label 巴西[zh]
rdfs:label בראזיליע[yi]
rdfs:label Brasilän[vo]
rdfs:label Brasil[vi]
rdfs:label Бразилия[uz]
rdfs:label برازیل[ur]
rdfs:label Бразілія[uk]
rdfs:label برازىلىيە[ug]
rdfs:label Brezilya[tr]
rdfs:label Palāsili[to]
rdfs:label Brazil[tl]
rdfs:label ประเทศบราซิล[th]
rdfs:label Бразилия[tg]
rdfs:label బ్రజిల్[te]
rdfs:label பிரேஸில்[ta]
rdfs:label Brazil[sw]
rdfs:label Brasilien[sv]
rdfs:label Бразил[sr]
rdfs:label Brazili[sq]
rdfs:label Braasiil[so]
rdfs:label Brazilija[sl]
rdfs:label Brazília[sk]
rdfs:label Brazil[sh]
rdfs:label Brasil[se]
rdfs:label Бразилия[ru]
rdfs:label Brazilia[ro]
rdfs:label Brasilia[rm]
rdfs:label Brasil[qu]
rdfs:label Brasil[pt]
rdfs:label برازيل[ps]
rdfs:label Brazylia[pl]
rdfs:label Brazil[om]
rdfs:label Brasil[oc]
rdfs:label Brasil[no]
rdfs:label Brasil[nn]
rdfs:label Brazilië[nl]
rdfs:label Brasil[nb]
rdfs:label Brazil[na]
rdfs:label Brażil[mt]
rdfs:label Brazil[ms]
rdfs:label ब्राजील[mr]
rdfs:label Бразили[mn]
rdfs:label ബ്രസീല്‍[ml]
rdfs:label Бразил[mk]
rdfs:label Brazīlija[lv]
rdfs:label Brazilija[lt]
rdfs:label ບຼາຊິວ[lo]
rdfs:label Bresíli[ln]
rdfs:label Braziel[li]
rdfs:label Brasilien[lb]
rdfs:label Brasilia[la]
rdfs:label Brasil[kw]
rdfs:label 브라질[ko]
rdfs:label ಬ್ರೆಜಿಲ್[kn]
rdfs:label ប្រេស៊ីល[km]
rdfs:label ბრაზილია[ka]
rdfs:label ブラジル連邦共和国[ja]
rdfs:label Brasile[it]
rdfs:label Brasilía[is]
rdfs:label Brazilia[io]
rdfs:label ꀠꑭ[ii]
rdfs:label Brazil[id]
rdfs:label Brasil[ia]
rdfs:label Բրազիլիա[hy]
rdfs:label Brazília[hu]
rdfs:label Brezil[ht]
rdfs:label Brazil[hr]
rdfs:label ब्राज़िल[hi]
rdfs:label ברזיל[he]
rdfs:label Brasil[gn]
rdfs:label Brasil[gl]
rdfs:label Breasail[gd]
rdfs:label An Bhrasaíl[ga]
rdfs:label Brazylje[fy]
rdfs:label Brésil[fr]
rdfs:label Brasilia[fo]
rdfs:label Brasilia[fi]
rdfs:label برزیل[fa]
rdfs:label Brasil[eu]
rdfs:label Brasiilia[et]
rdfs:label Brasil[es]
rdfs:label Brazilo[eo]
rdfs:label Brazil[en]
rdfs:label Βραζιλία[el]
rdfs:label བཱརཱ་ཛིལ[dz]
rdfs:label Brasilien[de]
rdfs:label Brasilien[da]
rdfs:label Brasil[cy]
rdfs:label Brazílie[cs]
rdfs:label Brasile[co]
rdfs:label Brasil[ca]
rdfs:label Brazil[bs]
rdfs:label Brazil[br]
rdfs:label བ་རཱ་ཛིལ།[bo]
rdfs:label ব্রাজিল[bn]
rdfs:label Бразилия[bg]
rdfs:label Бразілія[be]
rdfs:label Braziliya[az]
rdfs:label البرازيل[ar]
rdfs:label Brasil[an]
rdfs:label ብራዚል[am]
rdfs:label Brasilië[af]
rdfs:label Brazil[aa]
rdfs:label Brazil
rdfs:comment federal republic in South America[en]
rdfs:comment Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil, ), is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. As the world's fifth-largest country by both area and population, it is the largest country to have Portuguese as an official language and the only one in the Americas. Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Brazil has a coastline of 7,491 kilometers (4,655 mi) It borders all other South American countries except Ecuador and Chile and covers 47.3% of the continent's land area. Its Amazon River basin includes a vast tropical forest, home to diverse wildlife, a variety of ecological systems, and extensive natural resources...
Result #10
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olo:index 10” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #10[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Tiananmen Square (Beijing) (Concept)
Universal identifier /904f28c3a3c3464aa83ab9c793aae369#id
rdfs:comment public square in Beijing, China[en]
rdfs:comment Tiananmen Square is a city square in the centre of Beijing, China, named after the Tiananmen ("Gate of Heavenly Peace") located to its north, separating it from the Forbidden City. The square contains the Monument to the People's Heroes, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China, and the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China in the square on October 1, 1949; the anniversary of this event is still observed there. Tiananmen Square is within the top ten largest city squares in the world (440,500 m2 – 880×500 m or 109 acres – 960×550 yd). It has great cultural significance as it was the site of several important events...
rdfs:label Tiananmen Square (Beijing)[en]
rdfs:label Tiananmen Square
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
Result #20
Universal identifier /concepts.html#a17dfd56bb7b4a34a38e164bdb58fcca
olo:item /a17dfd56bb7b4a34a38e164bdb58fcca#id
olo:index 20” (xsd:integer)
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #20[en-gb]
Roman Catholic Church (Concept)
Universal identifier /86c5f1d6d5c34663a7c63bdc66b4e4ba#id
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:label Roman Catholic Church[en]
rdfs:label Catholic Church
rdfs:comment Christian community led by the Pope and consisting of a Latin Church and 23 Eastern Catholic Churches[en]
rdfs:comment The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church, with more than 1.27 billion members worldwide. As one of the oldest religious institutions in the world, it has played a prominent role in the history of Western civilisation. Headed by the Bishop of Rome, known as the pope, its doctrines are summarised in the Nicene Creed. The Catholic Church is notable within Western Christianity for its sacred tradition and seven sacraments. The Catholic Church teaches that it is the one true church founded by Jesus Christ, that its bishops are the successors of Christ's apostles, and that the pope is the successor to Saint Peter. The Catholic Church...
Result #25
Universal identifier /concepts.html#723a6e0eb4e741f2a11a5ea5d2bce4d6
olo:index 25” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /723a6e0eb4e741f2a11a5ea5d2bce4d6#id
rdfs:label Result #25[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Stravinsky, Igor (Concept)
Universal identifier /9da1fe18bafd4563b7ee189a12f9e18b#id
rdfs:label Stravinsky, Igor[en]
rdfs:label Igor Stravinsky
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:comment Russian composer, pianist and conductor[en]
rdfs:comment Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky was a Russian-born composer, pianist, and conductor. He is widely considered one of the most important and influential composers of the 20th century. Stravinsky's compositional career was notable for its stylistic diversity. He first achieved international fame with three ballets commissioned by the impresario Sergei Diaghilev and first performed in Paris by Diaghilev's Ballets Russes: The Firebird (1910), Petrushka (1911) and The Rite of Spring (1913). The last of these transformed the way in which subsequent composers thought about rhythmic structure and was largely responsible for Stravinsky's enduring reputation as a musical revolutionary who pushed the...
Result #2
Universal identifier /concepts.html#04c5240ffec948209f096bf31046c0ee
olo:item /04c5240ffec948209f096bf31046c0ee#id
olo:index 2” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #2[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Christianity (Concept)
Universal identifier /04c5240ffec948209f096bf31046c0ee#id
rdfs:comment monotheistic religion founded in the first century[en]
rdfs:comment Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, who serves as the focal point for the religion. It is the world's largest religion, with over 2.4 billion followers, or 33% of the global population, known as Christians. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the savior of humanity whose coming as the Messiah (the Christ) was prophesied in the Old Testament. Christian theology is summarized in creeds such as the Apostles' Creed and Nicene Creed. These professions of faith state that Jesus suffered, died, was buried, descended into hell, and rose from the dead, in order to grant eternal life to those who believe in him and trust in him...
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:label Christianity[en]
rdfs:label Christianity
Haydn, Franz Joseph (Concept)
Universal identifier /d51a924cd27448e9bba75ba980352305#id
rdfs:comment Austrian composer[en]
rdfs:comment (Franz) Joseph Haydn was a prolific Austrian composer of the Classical period. He was instrumental in the development of chamber music such as the piano trio and his contributions to musical form have earned him the epithets "Father of the Symphony" and "Father of the String Quartet". Haydn spent much of his career as a court musician for the wealthy Esterházy family at their remote estate. Until the later part of his life, this isolated him from other composers and trends in music so that he was, as he put it, "forced to become original". Yet his music circulated widely and for much of his career he was the most celebrated composer in Europe.
rdfs:label Haydn, Franz Joseph[en]
rdfs:label Joseph Haydn
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
Result #23
Universal identifier /concepts.html#90d2f6af0348468098b6bf60b8aedd74
olo:item /90d2f6af0348468098b6bf60b8aedd74#id
olo:index 23” (xsd:integer)
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #23[en-gb]
Result #8
Universal identifier /concepts.html#86c5f1d6d5c34663a7c63bdc66b4e4ba
olo:index 8” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /86c5f1d6d5c34663a7c63bdc66b4e4ba#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #8[en-gb]
Result #18
Universal identifier /concepts.html#904f28c3a3c3464aa83ab9c793aae369
olo:index 18” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /904f28c3a3c3464aa83ab9c793aae369#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #18[en-gb]
Result #19
Universal identifier /concepts.html#af1e045ae3ab408a9c6e8667b25cdd49
olo:item /af1e045ae3ab408a9c6e8667b25cdd49#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #19[en-gb]
olo:index 19” (xsd:integer)
Result #24
Universal identifier /concepts.html#02b7659e9a31428ea2135aa2feff48cd
olo:item /02b7659e9a31428ea2135aa2feff48cd#id
olo:index 24” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #24[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Palau (Place)
Universal identifier /af1e045ae3ab408a9c6e8667b25cdd49#id
rdfs:comment republic in Oceania[en]
rdfs:comment Palau, officially the Republic of Palau (Palauan: Beluu er a Belau), is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. The country contains approximately 250 islands, forming the western chain of the Caroline Islands in Micronesia, and has an area of 466 square kilometres (180 sq mi). The most populous island is Koror. The capital Ngerulmud is located on the nearby island of Babeldaob, in Melekeok State. Palau shares maritime boundaries with Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Federated States of Micronesia.
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:label PW[abbr]
rdfs:label Beluu er a Belau[pau]
rdfs:label Palau[pam]
rdfs:label Palau[nds]
rdfs:label Palau[ilo]
rdfs:label Palaos[frp]
rdfs:label 帛琉[zh]
rdfs:label Palauvuäns[vo]
rdfs:label Palau[vi]
rdfs:label Палау[uk]
rdfs:label Palau[tr]
rdfs:label Palau[tl]
rdfs:label ประเทศปาเลา[th]
rdfs:label Palau[sv]
rdfs:label Палау[sr]
rdfs:label Palau[sq]
rdfs:label Palau[sl]
rdfs:label Palau[sk]
rdfs:label Palau[sh]
rdfs:label Palau[se]
rdfs:label Палау[ru]
rdfs:label Palau[ro]
rdfs:label Palau[pt]
rdfs:label پالاو[ps]
rdfs:label Palau[pl]
rdfs:label Palau[oc]
rdfs:label Palau[no]
rdfs:label Palau[nn]
rdfs:label Palau[nl]
rdfs:label Palau[nb]
rdfs:label Palau[mt]
rdfs:label Palau[ms]
rdfs:label Палау[mk]
rdfs:label Palau[lv]
rdfs:label Palau[lt]
rdfs:label Belavia[la]
rdfs:label Palau[kw]
rdfs:label 팔라우[ko]
rdfs:label პალაუ[ka]
rdfs:label パラオ[ja]
rdfs:label Palau[it]
rdfs:label Palá[is]
rdfs:label Palau[io]
rdfs:label Palau[id]
rdfs:label Պալաու[hy]
rdfs:label Palau[hu]
rdfs:label Palau[hr]
rdfs:label पलाऊ[hi]
rdfs:label פלאו[he]
rdfs:label Palau - Belau[gl]
rdfs:label Palau[ga]
rdfs:label Palaos[fr]
rdfs:label Palau[fi]
rdfs:label پالائو[fa]
rdfs:label Palau[eu]
rdfs:label Belau[et]
rdfs:label Palau[es]
rdfs:label Belaŭo[eo]
rdfs:label Palau[en]
rdfs:label Παλάου[el]
rdfs:label Palau[de]
rdfs:label Palau[da]
rdfs:label Palau[cy]
rdfs:label Palau[cs]
rdfs:label Palau[ca]
rdfs:label Palau[bs]
rdfs:label པ་ལཽ།[bo]
rdfs:label পালাউ[bn]
rdfs:label Палау[bg]
rdfs:label Палаў[be]
rdfs:label بالاو[ar]
rdfs:label Palau[an]
rdfs:label ፓላው[am]
rdfs:label Palau
Result #3
Universal identifier /concepts.html#7ca1adc2debe41b09ddf73893dab2503
olo:index 3” (xsd:integer)
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #3[en-gb]
olo:item /7ca1adc2debe41b09ddf73893dab2503#id
Result #6
Universal identifier /concepts.html#5dc5e96ed7334cdeb8faccc4723c6726
olo:item /5dc5e96ed7334cdeb8faccc4723c6726#id
olo:index 6” (xsd:integer)
rdfs:label Result #6[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
Result #21
Universal identifier /concepts.html#5d8480da89094644b03f253938dbca72
rdfs:label Result #21[en-gb]
rdf:type olo:Slot
olo:item /5d8480da89094644b03f253938dbca72#id
olo:index 21” (xsd:integer)
The Supremes (Concept)
Universal identifier /7ca1adc2debe41b09ddf73893dab2503#id
rdfs:label The Supremes[en]
rdfs:label The Supremes
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:comment American Motown female singing group[en]
rdfs:comment The Supremes were an American female singing group and the premier act of Motown Records during the 1960s. Founded as the Primettes in Detroit, Michigan, in 1959, the Supremes were the most commercially successful of Motown's acts and are, to date, America's most successful vocal group with 12 number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Most of these hits were written and produced by Motown's main songwriting and production team, Holland–Dozier–Holland. At their peak in the mid-1960s, the Supremes rivaled the Beatles in worldwide popularity, and it is said that their success made it possible for future African American R&B and soul musicians to find mainstream success.
Result #7
Universal identifier /concepts.html#6a6de94eff7a49cc97081e302fe98544
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #7[en-gb]
olo:index 7” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /6a6de94eff7a49cc97081e302fe98544#id
Result #22
Universal identifier /concepts.html#770518bec7854161a5c071fca30c2e3b
olo:index 22” (xsd:integer)
olo:item /770518bec7854161a5c071fca30c2e3b#id
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #22[en-gb]
Result #12
Universal identifier /concepts.html#a71b428fd24745e4b27af47f03a97a5b
rdf:type olo:Slot
rdfs:label Result #12[en-gb]
olo:item /a71b428fd24745e4b27af47f03a97a5b#id
olo:index 12” (xsd:integer)
Tuscany (Concept)
Universal identifier /723a6e0eb4e741f2a11a5ea5d2bce4d6#id
rdfs:comment region of Italy[en]
rdfs:comment Tuscany is a region in central Italy with an area of about 23,000 square kilometres (8,900 square miles) and a population of about 3.8 million inhabitants (2013). The regional capital is Florence (Firenze). Tuscany is known for its landscapes, traditions, history, artistic legacy and its influence on high culture. It is regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and has been home to many figures influential in the history of art and science, and contains well-known museums such as the Uffizi and the Pitti Palace. Tuscany produces wines, including Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Morellino di Scansano and Brunello di Montalcino. Having a strong linguistic and cultural...
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:label Tuscany[en]
rdfs:label Tuscany
Zion National Park (Place)
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rdfs:comment United States national park in the state of Utah[en]
rdfs:comment Zion National Park is located in the Southwestern United States, near Springdale, Utah. A prominent feature of the 229-square-mile (590 km2) park is Zion Canyon, which is 15 miles (24 km) long and up to half a mile (800 m) deep, cut through the reddish and tan-colored Navajo Sandstone by the North Fork of the Virgin River. The lowest elevation is 3,666 ft (1,117 m) at Coalpits Wash and the highest elevation is 8,726 ft (2,660 m) at Horse Ranch Mountain. Located at the junction of the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin, and Mojave Desert regions, the park's unique geography and variety of life zones allow for unusual plant and animal diversity. Numerous plant species as well as 289 species of...
rdfs:label 宰恩國家公園[zh]
rdfs:label Zion nationalpark[sv]
rdfs:label Park Narodowy Zion[pl]
rdfs:label Nationaal park Zion[nl]
rdfs:label ザイオン国立公園[ja]
rdfs:label Parco Nazionale di Zion[it]
rdfs:label פארק לאומי ציון[he]
rdfs:label Parc national de Zion[fr]
rdfs:label Parque Nacional Zion[es]
rdfs:label Zion National Park[en]
rdfs:label Zion-Nationalpark[de]
rdfs:label Zion Nationalpark[da]
rdfs:label Národní park Zion[cs]
rdfs:label Zion National Park
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature
rdf:type owl:Thing
Alan Bennett (Person)
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rdfs:comment English actor, author[en]
rdfs:comment Alan Bennett (born 9 May 1934) is a British playwright, screenwriter, actor and author. He was born in Leeds and attended Oxford University where he studied history and performed with the Oxford Revue. He stayed to teach and research medieval history at the university for several years. His collaboration as writer and performer with Dudley Moore, Jonathan Miller and Peter Cook in the satirical revue Beyond the Fringe at the 1960 Edinburgh Festival brought him instant fame. He gave up academia, and turned to writing full-time, his first stage play Forty Years On being produced in 1968.
rdfs:label Alan Bennett[en-gb]
rdfs:label Bennett, Alan[en]
rdfs:label Alan Bennett
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type foaf:Person
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rdfs:label Result #16[en-gb]
Trinidad and Tobago (Concept)
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rdfs:comment island country in the Caribbean Sea[en]
rdfs:comment Trinidad and Tobago, officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a twin island country situated off the northern edge of the South American mainland, lying just 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and 130 kilometres (81 miles) south of Grenada. Bordering the Caribbean to the north, it shares maritime boundaries with other nations including Barbados to the northeast, Grenada to the northwest, Guyana to the southeast, and Venezuela to the south and west.
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdfs:label Trinidad and Tobago[en]
rdfs:label Trinidad and Tobago
Montenegro (Place)
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rdfs:comment country in Europe[en]
rdfs:comment Montenegro is a sovereign state in Southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the south-west and is bordered by Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east, and Albania to the south-east. Its capital and largest city is Podgorica, while Cetinje is designated as the Old Royal Capital (prijestonica).
rdfs:label 黑山[zh]
rdfs:label Montenegro[vi]
rdfs:label Чорногорія[uk]
rdfs:label Karadağ[tr]
rdfs:label มอนเตเนโกร[th]
rdfs:label Montenegro[sv]
rdfs:label Црна Гора[sr]
rdfs:label Črna gora[sl]
rdfs:label Čierna Hora[sk]
rdfs:label Montenegro[se]
rdfs:label Черногория[ru]
rdfs:label Muntenegru[ro]
rdfs:label Montenegro[pt]
rdfs:label Czarnogóra[pl]
rdfs:label Montenegro[nn]
rdfs:label Montenegro[nl]
rdfs:label Montenegro[nb]
rdfs:label Melnkalne[lv]
rdfs:label Juodkalnija[lt]
rdfs:label 몬테네그로[ko]
rdfs:label მონტენეგრო[ka]
rdfs:label モンテネグロ[ja]
rdfs:label Montenegro[it]
rdfs:label Montenegro[is]
rdfs:label Montenegro[id]
rdfs:label Montenegró[hu]
rdfs:label Crna Gora[hr]
rdfs:label मोंटेनेग्रो[hi]
rdfs:label מונטנגרו[he]
rdfs:label Montenegro[gl]
rdfs:label Montainéagro[ga]
rdfs:label République du Monténégro[fr]
rdfs:label Montenegro[fi]
rdfs:label مونتونگرو[fa]
rdfs:label Montenegro[eu]
rdfs:label Montenegro[et]
rdfs:label Montenegro[es]
rdfs:label Montenegro[en]
rdfs:label Μαυροβούνιο[el]
rdfs:label Montenegro[de]
rdfs:label Montenegro[da]
rdfs:label Černá Hora[cs]
rdfs:label Montenegro[ca]
rdfs:label Crna Gora[bs]
rdfs:label Черна гора[bg]
rdfs:label Чарнагорыя[be]
rdfs:label الجبل الأسود[ar]
rdfs:label Montenegro
rdf:type skos:Concept
rdf:type owl:Thing
rdf:type geo:SpatialThing
rdf:type gn:Feature